Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Rollercoaster of a Week!

It has been a rollercoaster of a week! Camerans seizures have been up and down and every where this past week! As mentioned she had a cold with a temp last week causing her seizures to go up a bit about 9 a day then things settled for a few days of having 4 or 5 again. Then we weaned her Keppra down again on Monday and things got ugly. Her clusters came back and the intensity of the seizures got worse. It seemed they started to climb in numbers so we called the Neuro with concerns and he informed us that she was having seizure withdrawls. He told us to go back up on the Keppra if things didn't improve but Thankfully it did. We are going as previously planned of having the Keppra weaned completely today! She is having a little more again but we hope with a few days things will be back to normal again. Cameran is eating so much better the past few days. She is taking meals 3 times a day. For breakfast she gets 6 oz formula and a bowl of Toddler cereal(great texture for her). Lunch she gets two #2 jar foods a fruit and veggie and Supper she gets big girl food if she is willing but it has to be mashed. We have her down for formula only twice a day 1st in the morning and one before bedtime the rest of the day she takes warmed(only) Vit D milk(she loves it). Oh and 1 Pediasure(vanilla which she only takes warm also) a day, she is doing great!

Cameran doing her new Kissy Kissy Face! I tried so hard to get this photo she is all over the place and will not sit still for a second but as you can tell its not even centered. She is always on the move! But I just love this new sound and face she makes and so does Caleb! He says she looks like a little Fish....

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