Monday, March 06, 2006

Seven Months and still Seizing!

It has been 7 long months and we have gained great grounds but she still continues to have about 4-15 Head Drops a day but we think the extra she has been having is probably due to her recent illness! Last week she went to the Dr. 2 days in a row. She started out with a temp of 101.5 Wednesday morning so I took her to the Dr (the 1st day she saw a different Peditarician as they where very busy and said there where lots of things going around right now, YUCK...) he said I just had a cold as I had no other syptoms besides the temp and cough, but said if things got worse like a temp of 103 to bring her back since mommy had the yucks, they wanted to make sure it didn't pass to me! Well over the course of the day and night her temp rose to 103.8 waking her from a knock out sleep, screaming early Thursday morn. I felt so sorry for her she had a pretty bad cough, mommy was so scared I had picked up her Broncitis or Flu she had! She took me back to see my Ped this time (Thursday) and they did an X-ray that I absolutely did not want to do! But thankfully with only 2 trys they got a good shot of my little chest to see that I had Pnemonia. So with an antibiotic I was sent on my way and I was so happy to finally be at home to move around!
Cameran continued to run a temp till Friday but was not contangeous. I guess seeing her MawMaw again after 3.5 months just cheered her right up as her mood totally switched and she was all smiles again(picture to left was her and her MawMaw together right before she had to go back to Louisiana again :(.
Cameran still has a really bad cough and almost gagging at times as she tries to catch her breath from coughing so hard. Thankfully she doesn't really wake from coughing all night she just ruffels around!
This has not affected her eating at all, we have managed to get her completely off the formula (a little sooner than we where expecting) she got to where she refused it probably tasted bad after having the good ol' Vit D! She is taking table foods for Breakfast and Supper and #2 Jar foods at lunch time!
Cameran has started babbling up a storm since being off the Keppra we can't believe the difference it made on her. She is showing more intrest in things around her(its more noticable if you are around her daily)! We just think she is doing great but know she still has a long ways to go before reaching her age range she is suppose to be in! Hopefully with another weaned med it will bring us that much closer.....
Cameran is 13 months old and is weighing in at 19 pounds and is 30.5 inches tall! She loves to be outdoors as you can see here! We just can't wait until Spring gets here so she can have more room to practice on her walking and maybe catch a little sprinnnngggg in her step and soon start running. She is always on the move looking for new things to explore!! We know with the uneven yard we have it will for sure build up that low tone in her legs and trunk. Maybe to tone up those arms we can install the monkey bars that goes to their play set :-0 (LOL)


JSmith5780 said...

Saw your IS know I am a HUGE fan of Vigabatrin. Don't know where Austin would be without it. Normal dosing can go up to 125mg/kg. each packet is 500mg and at costs about $1 for a packet. The nice thing is, you should know within a month if it's going to work. Also, IF vision problems were to arise it would be after LONG term use (meaning years, not months!)

Good luck,
Jen mom to Austin, Ben & Connor

Anonymous said...

my sister has infantile spasms tto and up to right now the doctors dont know what to do they have tried everything and every medicine do you think topamax wil help can you give us your advice plz??? we will appreciate it :)