Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things seem to be settling down!

Camerans blood test came back noraml and what a relief that is. She is doing much better and seems to be happier. She is still having the occasional head drop every other day but it is such an improvement. She goes Feb. 8th for her 1 year check-up where she will be receiving her vaccinations we are just praying for the best and that she has no seizure reactions to them like before. She also starts with OT on the 9th to help with her eating! Wish us Luck..... Oh and Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet Baby Girl.... We love you! She will trun the Big 1 on Feb, 7th!

This past week as I mentioned Cameran has just been having a rough time with the recently upped dosage of Topamax. It took a number on her as we seen her become increasingly more Irritable to crying non stop and losing her balance from walking which wasn't helping things as it frusterated her to no end. As of last night things seem to have started settling down. Her walking got much better and she started smiling again the same is going on this morning. She still has the runny nose but we will see if more time with the Clarinex Syrup will help any! We spoke with the Neuro last night where he told us there would be no weaning of her meds until her nose was better since an "illness" can lower the threshold for seizures. Thats probably what we have been seeing but she has shown no temp or other syptoms besides the heavy breathing that started this past week. So he has requested a Basic Chemistry (blood work)to be drawn today to make sure things are ok if so that would rule out Acidosis. We hope to see things continue to get well for her as her mommy and daddy are both anxious to get her off some of these meds. He told us that if we wanted we could knock her Topamax back down a notch for a couple of weeks until her nose got better if we wanted to. But we don't want to go through this whole upped process again with the effects she has already been through! So we are staying put until things settle down. I'll post again when they get us in for the blood test which had to be requested by the Neuro and the paper wasn't sent in yet so the nurse is supposedly taking care of that. So I will be calling in a while to see if its been set up yet!

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JSmith5780 said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY CAMERAN!!! So glad we share a birthday!

From your friends Austin, Ben & Connor