Friday, February 10, 2006

Looking Great!

Cameran's 1 year check-up went great. She weighed in at 18 pounds(has lost again) and her length was 30 1/2 so moving right along there. He noticed she has low tone in her legs. I never would have guessed that but we had been telling them how she falls all the time like she is dunk but we just thought she was off balance due to all the meds. She received 3 shots and barley let out a wimper, she is such a brave little thing, I tell you! So proud of her! Her OT appointment was Thursaday and she was one mad little girl since we had to hold out her eating until they could watch her. She took the bottle great and is holding it on her own as you could see in the pics below. She didn't do well on textures she would gag they say she has great oral movements as she mouths toys and spoons wellBut she has a sensitivity to textures. They gave me some great pointers that we will be working on to get her to eat jar and table foods again. Meanwhile they also noticed her low tone in her legs thats why she falls so much but she doesn't catch herself most of the time she falls like a tree she has low tone in her arms and trunk also. They are setting her up for Physical Therapy to help her build up those muscles! Today she has made a great improvement and took 2 jars of food. One this morning she ate it with rice cereal mixed in for a little texture and one this evening. She loved every bite of it! What a relief this is....So glad to see her eating again! We have started her weaning of the Keppra HOORAY....about time. So far she seems a little irritated but is taking it rather well. Her Neuro says it will take only about 2 weeks to be completely weaned off of it. Next comes the Klonopin it will take a little longer. That will just leave us with Zonegran and Topamax. That is where we will stay unless the seizures get worse again. I will be posting some pics of her digging into her cake this weekend sometime, as her party is tomorrow. I can't wait to see what she does!

Our little Water Baby.... She loves to take baths and splashes water everywhere! ;-0

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