Monday, February 06, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, Cameran!

Things are going great right now. She is all smiles and seems to be so Happy all the time! Last week was very difficult for her and us, as she seemed to struggle with the upped dosage of her Topamax. But things have calmed down and are back to normal and her nose is clearing up. She still has the occasional spasm/seizure every other day and sometimes a few in a day but they are so hard to detect. They are very noticable if she is in your lap but if she is up playing and walking around they are much harder to detect.

It has been 6 months now since our world got flipped upside when we got handed the news of her diagnosis. We still have found no cause or reason to her Infantile Spasms but I beleive we have come to terms with that, as it has been a constant worry of "What If's". But we can't live our lifes that way, as there may never be an answer. We just want her to be happy and she seems to be doing a great job there. We love to see her smile and show off those cute little pearls and every once in awhile hear a little laugh! She is such a precious little angel and I thank the Lord every day for her and her Big Brother Caleb, they both are so wonderful and just makes the days seem so easy! Cameran seems to show more and more intrest in her Bubby everyday and he eats up the attention he loves to have her follow him around like a caboose(well sometimes)! Thank you all for your support it makes it so much easier when we have all of you behind us! Happy Birthday Cameran may you continue to fill us with all that JOY that the Lord has given you! You are such a blessed little girl and we fill richly blessed to have you and Caleb(Mommy and Daddy's little loves)! We love you!!!

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Kelsey Celeste said...

Happy 1st Birthday Cameran!!!! We love you very much and miss you bunches!! You are a precious angel!!!!
Love, Tasha and Kelsey