Sunday, February 19, 2006

What's New??

Cameran had a great appointment with her Neuro on Friday! They said her EEG looked great. But are requesting another one in the end of March since she is having about 4-5 head drops since 2 days after her last EEG. Also they say they will have an EEG after every weaned med to make sure we are going forward and not backwards. They couldn't believe she was walking but noticed she is off balance said it's probably due to the meds but won't be sure until she is off some of them. She will be completely off the Keppra this coming Saturday and they won't be weaning the Klonopin until after her EEG in March we will be seeing the Neuro that same day also. Her eating has greatly improved so we are slowly moving in the Vit. D milk with her formula and we hope to have her off that(formula) by the 1st of April! She is taking #3 jar foods sometimes and some table foods she is turning things around it seems. Cameran is still babbling some and picks up new sounds daily yesterday she started making a pig noise in the back of her throat it's hilarious!
Caleb, Cameran and Mommy in yet another snow we had on Saturday and Brrrrr... Was it ever cold 28 degrees and 13 at night! Cameran was all bundled up but loved being out even though it was only for about 10 minutes thats all we could take. Caleb made snow angels for the 1st time it was great!
Cameran biting her lower lip it was so cold. Now she has made this a habit and has a rash under her mouth! Silly Girl!

Cameran came down with a fever on Thursday the 16th so I took her to the Dr. He said it was just her nose! He said when her nose runs clear she will be fine but when it starts in thicker that she will run a temp with it said just some sort of viral thing! But her ears and throat looked great and chest sounded fine minus the slight cough she has at night and 1st thing in the morning. This Picture was taken at the Neuros office her temp spiked back up again while we where there 102.5 so I had to give her some Tylenol well she was fighting with me(she hates meds I wonder why?) and managed to get most of the bottle in her hair and clothes little stinker! Well after that she konked right out before I could even get her picture with her Dr.'s! She ended up sleeping all day poor baby girl! Her seizures picked up to about 10 that day and 9 on Saturday and she has about 3 today so far no temp since yesterday! But Dr. Williamson(Neuro) said this is very common with kids with seizures says an illness opens the door to them so hopefully we can keep her well the remaining of this sick season! The pictures of them in the little play house where also taken at the hospital! They know how to keep the kids Happy! Caleb always looks forward to going to the Hospital in Nashville-as he says!! Oh I wanted to share my Valentine Kiss with you! Valentines morning, Cameran (of course was in bed with me) I felt her moving around but didn't open my eyes yet and just then she leaned down and gave me the Biggest Wettest Kiss ever and I opened my eyes and she said "HEY" and gave me another Kiss and I just melted. She is the sweetest! Later that day she had her 1st Development class with TIPS and as her teacher was leaving Cameran walked to the door and started doing the Kiss Kiss sound with her lips tucked like a fish now she walks around the house doing it. She has been doing new things like this all week, she has come to me and says mama(but I'm not sure if its intentional since she always does it only when fussing)! Who knows, I just love all this new stuff and will take anything!

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