Monday, February 13, 2006

6 Months since dx's and Things are Looking Better!

Cameran is doing great and couldn't be more happier! She has been all smiles and is making new sounds. We have seen great improvements from her already and in such a short time since we started weaning one of her meds. She has just continued to impress us and has been making us laugh with those new sounds. One is hilarious she sounds like the boy off Forrest Gump: HEHEHEHEHE(this cracks us up all the time), she also says FFFFFFF....., BYEYAYAYAYAY(doesn't know what it means) and Ahhhhhhhh....., WAYAYAYAYAYAYA! She is doing great and Mrs. Susan(speech teacher) was very impressed and thrilled to see such a great improvement just from last week. She was doing great eye contact during class and has been looking for mommy and daddy all great signs! She has also started taking jar foods again(certain brands and flavors) and is willing to try and eat some table foods....YEAH! We are so extatic of all these new things. As said it has been 6 months since being diagnosed and things are looking up. She still has about 1-4 head drops a day but her learning is starting to roll! She had a great Birthday Party and dug right into her cake she was happy at some times and got upset a few times with such a mess on her(just like her Bubby did)! But she did fantastic and was so Happy to see everybody! She starts her Development classes tomorrow(TIPS) and goes to see the Neuro again on Friday the 17th! We can't wait for him to see our baby girl go! Keep up the Great Work Cameran! ;-0

Here is Camerans 1st experience with the snow! She liked it for a little while then it got really cold so we went back in. We have woke up to a light snow for the past 3 days now its just been so pretty to see. Caleb loves it!


JSmith5780 said...

Cameran- glad you had a great 1st birthday. Ben and Connor had a good one also, although Ben was sick and didn't want any cake. Stop by our blog for a visit...put a few pictures up. So glad you are developing by leaps and bounds. Austin is fianlly coming off the Topamax after a long 18 months. Can't wait to be on monotherapy! Just the Vigab now. He goes to Boston for a 24hr VEEG in 2.5 weeks.

Jen mom to Austin, Ben & Connor

JSmith5780 said...

Got the card, Cameran's picture is now on my fridge with all my favorite kids!

The cake for the boys was made at the bakery my 3 sisters work at. They always do a fabulous job and I get it for half price!!