Monday, September 22, 2008


I've been tagged by Jen for a game of Threes. So since I've been lagging in the blogging department I thought I would give this a whirl.

Three Joys:
1st one definitely be my kids and hubby. They are the lights of my life and I don't know what I would do without all the belly giggles, love, hugs and kisses and of course the chaos too, my life just wouldn't be the same.

2nd-My family and husbands family, I miss mine dearly and don't see them that often so I'm so thankful his family all surrounds us in the same city, they are all wonderful and I feel like they are my own!

3rd-Camping camping camping! Man its such a great bonding time with the family and we love getting out there and enjoying the nature....the best words yet that made the camping experiences that much more is hearing my son say "This is the Best day of my life".....tears :).... Seems he thinks each trip tops the other, we just cant get enough of it!

Three Fears: Oh boy I have lots of these but my biggest ones are:
1st-is the unknown. I have dealt with this for a long time with Cami! I hate not knowing how she feels and what if something hurts and she couldn't tell me and something bad happened do to that fact. Many parents with children that have Infantile Spasms know the big med decisions we all have to make and watch our children suffer from the side effects and yet not be able to tell us how they feel. I hated having to be the one making those decisions for my sweet girl it was such a hard time for me. And to this day we still live with the unknowns...Why did she have the seizures? Why is she still not talking? Why is she having belly issues?.....So many questions and not enough answers!

2nd-and this is a big one is SPIDERS I hate them!!! I am the one that screams and jumps up on the table no matter the size and then has the chills and remains jumpy for the rest of the day....LOL. Jason says I have damaged Caleb because he acts the same way...but Cami she has not one fear! If you say "Dont Move" the first thing I do is jump and!

3rd-is deep water, I shiver at the thought of whats swimming under my feet. I cant stand it!!!!!

3 Obsessions
1st is photography! I love it and I can never seem to have enough pics! I always have my camera in hand or near by not wanting to miss one photo opp! My kids are my best subject, sleeping, eating, brushing their teeth, playing or just being silly, I want to capture it all. I never want to miss a moment of their lives.

2nd is tidiness/clutter. I cant stand a dirty house or clutter I hate it! I always feel like my work is never done. I clean and clean and wash and wash everyday and have to remind myself to take a break once in a while. The toys get drug out and I'm right behind them picking them back up knowing good and well they are right behind me pulling them back out. And Clutter is the worst, I always feel so overwhelmed with objects! I don't like things on my kitchen counters unless its related to the kitchen. My hubby loves to drop the mail there, phones, coins etc....drives me up the wall. I'm right behind him moving it to his dresser. I don't like sitting at a restaurant with tons of plates, spices, menus...its all to much.

3rd- Lastly is Organizing. I do this with my groceries in the buggy then organize them for the check out so they are put in the bags correctly. Cold stuff with the cold,ect. When I clean the kids rooms I want it put back in its correct place not just where theres an empty space. I color organize our clothes in the closets. I organize mail and books from smallest to largest...its so exhausting that I do it but If I don't I cant stop thinking about it.

Three Surprising Facts:
1st: I went to 18 different schools growing up....we moved alot. In fact I went to 3 different high schools in 3 years and then moved back to the first one I started out at totaling 4 moves.

2nd: I was the only one out of my immediately family born in Texas everyone else was in Shreveport, Louisiana, Mom, dad and 2 sisters. I'm the odd ball out and in fact there where only 2 kids born at that hospital on October 9th...One boy and one girl(that was me)! It was a small small hick town...imagine that! Growing up we where back and forth from there and Louisiana. Texas just happened to be where they where when they had me, then I think when I was 2 months they moved back to Louisiana! So glad I have a foundation town for my kids!

3rd: This may seem weird but I do have food issues...probably where my kids get it! But I don't like eating the center of pop-tarts and when handed a plate of hamburger helper I don't eat the meat just the noodles! I don't eat hardly any red meat and I cant have milk it makes me sick!

So there you have it me in the three nutshells and I'm starting to scare myself with these actual facts....accckkk! Well now I'm tagging I'm gonna see if my S-IN-L Emily is up for the challenge! Then pass it on to Mrs Sophie's mama and then over to Mr. Dawson's parents I think they can handle the challenge and I would love to learn more!


JSmith5780 said...

ok ok ok... he organizing thing... it's called anal and I am that way too!

but the center of the poptart?? That's the whole poitn of the poptart... the fruit filling! :)

apes said...

Like mother like daughter. So we all have our quirks, that is what makes us, us! I am pretty anal myself if I have to tell the truth. I also won't get in ANY water, unless it is a pool and that is still sketchy. I am OCD about washing my hands and using hand sanitizer and pretty much won't touch a public door. So see, we all have little things about us that defines us as a person, some of us are just have a few more than others :) Well we are going camping this weekend so I will try to stay out of the cigars this time. Any big plans for the weekend?