Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stopped up

Well thats Cami's delima this week well this is an every week deal since she was a baby. Finally I said enough is enough. We have been giving her Glycolax, Muralax and enemas out the wazoo and I'm tired of it. I shouldnt have to be giving her this stuff to make her go to the bathroom. Its been 8 days since shes been and her eating is getting worse and worse. Her norm is once a week this is the longest so far that she has gone. So I called and said whats the next step so they put in a referral and she will be seeing a G.I. Dr. in 2 weeks. Maybe then we can get some answers for my poor baby girl.

I already know the questions I'll get out of them.
-The What have you tried? Well the listed above and Fiber in her drinks none seem to work but the Fleet Supository.
-Whats her diet like?
*Well thats gonna be the biggy because she refuses juice all shapes, forms, pouches ect she hates it all.
We have also done the V8 juices all of them, none to be a success! She loves sweet tea(decaf), Vit D milk and the occasional sprite.
We've tried yogurts, puddings nothing has struck her intrest yet.
-Fruits and Veggies those are a joke. She loves bananas which she gets alot but it ends there she will not touch any other fruit. I offer things often all a failure.
Veggies- I have hidden broccoli succesfully in her mac and cheese and that is the only one I can get past her. I offer corn, green beans, carrots, peas flavored up flavored down and hidden and she spits it out then will refuse her other foods.
-Meats- the only meats we can get her to eat are chicken nuggets and cheese hots dogs thats it!!!!
She will not touch grilled chicken even with sauces, no pork, no steak, no roast tips etc. I have tried and tried hiding it in her food and she will spit the meat out and just eat her mac and cheese or her mashed potatoes. She will eat the occasional Chilli or something with hamburger meat in it but some days its a stretch. I am running out of ideas. I think it all also plays a huge role in her being so sensitve to textures. Not liking the way it feels in her mouth or to the touch.
Her intrests in foods:
Breakfast- She eats a plain blueberry or chocholate chip waffle, muffins, donuts, dry cereal, oatmeal bars, fiber fruit bars. Lots of bready things.
Lunch- is usually hot dog or grilled cheese, cup of pasta and her fav chips.
Supper-I have a few supper things she really enjoys but man does it get old quick cooking the same things over and over. Both my kids are very picky but Cami takes the cake but neither of them like red sauce.....meaning no PIZZA that hate it!

SO as you see she eats lots of breads and cheeses that probably play a big roll in her belly issues.

Any ideas anyone?

So for now we just wait and continue doing all that we know we can do and hope my girl gets some relief soon!


Reagan Leigh said...

Have you seen Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious cookbook (I'm sure you have, she was all over the morning shows promoting it when it first came out). I know she makes all kinds of things with veggies hidden in them. Maybe that would work?? Although I admit I'm not the best person to ask. Reagan is very irregular and we're scheduled to see a GI doc mid Oct for all of her tummy related issues! Good luck!

JSmith5780 said...

Hey stop stealing my menu!!

JK, this is about where we are at two. My kids are picky, picky, picky.

Although juice and fruit are winnres in our house. For Austin, my worst food person, I resort to Fletcher's laxative. It's a root beere flvored liquid. Within two doses he usually goes.

JSmith5780 said...

Oh, I have the DD cookbook. I would definitely try the muffins with hidden veggies!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

When Sophie was on the keto diet we used George's Aloe Vera. You drink it and it taste just like water.

Jamie said...

oh gosh cameran!! Now My madie cannot give you any advice on nutrition...lol she poops rocks!! BUT that Karo syrup works great in her bottles of "potion"
You are my hero Cami...just an amazing lil girl..I think the jessica Seinfeld book sounds good..but a "Jerry" Seinfeld show is better...(saw him a couple years ago...lol)
I say you are darn lucky she eats what she eats!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with Madeleine except she doesn't want to eat anything at all just milk, that's it.I think Madeleine's refuses the food because she has had to take so much medication and it taste so bad that she thinks everything Im giving her is going to taste bad? Maybe? Then it could also be a sensory thing like you said. I wish I could be more help. Goodluck !

Jamie said...

oH man...I think i will be right there with you when madie gets older...I can at this point only get a little squash and baby cereal or banannas with baby cereal.. I am just now reading this post!
We are off to a Nutritionist come Sept! to get her off the "potion" for GOOD!
Talk to you soon :)