Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Does the weird ever stop?

I tell you I have had my fair share of sick kids! Cami has pretty much had a runny nose and cough since school started back in July. Actaully every week for atleast 2 days she would have a nasty cough and runny nose then it would clear up only for it to return the next week. So this Saturday she acted fine but had the chills all day with the chattering teeth. Wouldnt you know a temp started that evening. Come Sunday morning she is full blast of high temps of 103 so we took her to her Dr who happened to be on call on Sunday! SO he said she looked to have a Sinus Infection and gave her Amoxicillin to help clear it up. No other test could be done since the labs where closed. Well I gave her 1st does of med Sunday evening and alternating her Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours as instructed to keep the fever down. I dont think they seemed to work her temp wouldnt go below 100. So Monday I gave her the 2nd dose of Amoxicillin and all seemed fine. Then she started getting very pale very sluggish again like before and very clingy and temp started to rise again. This went off and on all day. Then later in the afternoon I noticed what looked like a heat rash on her legs, arms, belly and just brushed it off. Then around 8:00 it started to get worse. But we continued with our bedtime routine by this time her temp is back up to 102.6 and she has the chills again. We go ahead give her meds for the evening and these bumps continue to get worse so I called Vanderbilt. They said it sounded like a reaction to the med and if her breathing was ok to just take her in the morning to see her Dr. So this morning when I awoke her arms looked terrible. I took her to the Dr. they said it doesnt look like the typical allergic reaction and his 1st actaul response was has she been exposed to anyone with chickenpox......ackkkkkkk! My thoughts are gosh who could tell she goes to school and we shop so you never know! But he thought it looks like chickenpox but says the only thing that holds him back from that is she doesnt have the spots on her belly or back, its just on her arms, legs and feet. So he is a little puzzled saying it might even be viral. But they went ahead and tested her for pinicillin allergy which she did not favor at all...I'm gonna have some major bruising on my legs! They are also running a CBC checking her white blood cells and such. He said there isnt really any kind of test to figure out what it is besides the allergen test. Lord I hate the unknown. And poor Cami I felt so bad as people stopped and starred at her poor little arms I coverd her legs up with bluejeans but it was too hot for a long sleeve shirt so we got the stares and questions of what happened. The Dr. told us to throw out the Amoxicillin and prescribed her a new med. The Pharmacist said this is usually tolerated pretty well in kids and I said yeah well thats what they said about the last med we tried and this happened. She said well this does have a small trace of pinicillin in it so to watch her closely. And if it didnt get better in 48 hours to call the Dr.s back! Man I hope its out of here by Friday. My little mans Birthday party is Saturday, I would hate to miss it :(

Oh they also ran a strep test because her throat is very red but it came back negative so that was good. But she is still refusing all foods and drinks!

Oh the stress of it all, so much to do and I cant get out to do it! But right now all that matters is my baby girls health and keeping Caleb well too! We won't get the allergen test back for 2 days so I will update more then. Heres some pics of what it looked like last night then todays.
Last nights:


Shes still smiling and being silly through all this! Mommy's Brave Little Pooh Bear!

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JSmith5780 said...

Very weird rash. Hope she is better soon!!