Friday, September 05, 2008

The simple things,

One thing I enjoy most about my kids is the simple things! They are both so easy to love! This week I caught Cami in her room early in the a.m. rocking on her rocking horse while looking at her favorite book of colors and she was humming the theme song to Spongebob Squarepants....LOL!

I could have watched her forever just minding her own without a care in the world, it just really touched my heart of how much my girl is learning. She might not understand alot but hey she can multi task and hum Spongebob. Actaully all you have to do is mention the name Spongebob and she starts humming it, it is the cutest! Glad she can share the love for him like her brother does.

We will be celebrating Calebs 7th Birthday at the bowling alley next weekend and the theme he has choosen is Spongebob.....uggghhhhh....I can just hear that annoying "baaayayayayayaya" laugh in my head now. But its a fav so I dont mind.

Caleb is on an Ocean kick right now he loves sea animals...Seahorses especially. We re-painted his room last weekend and the color turned out just beautiful...Ocean Blue is what he chose of course and I'm glad he did, its just gorgeous! We havent hung anything on his walls yet, we are going for the whole beach theme.

Hes got the surfer dude sheets and surfer car lamp and 2 wood signs that say Surf this way its cute. We have ordered him a huge surfboard that hangs on the wall and we had it personalized, I just have my fingers crossed that it makes it here on time for his Birthday. He really wants a real seahorse so bad so I've been looking into it. Maybe a good gift for Christmas because I think he would just pass out from excitement! He has a pirate treasure box in his room and its loaded down with his seashells he found at the beach on our earlier trip this summer to Edisto Beach. So I cant wait to see how it all comes together.
Now for a Caleb simple thing story. Yesterday at school I was volunteeing like my usual. Well they go outside and come back in and his teacher says he is all sticky.

(Caleb and his teacher)
With what you might ask, well it was SAP! Well being the little boy he is, he loves to explore and find new things and on this day it happened to be pinecones and this strange substance on it that looked like syrup. His hands were covered in it and his shirt. HE goes to the sink and is scrubbing and scrubbing and with my help I'm just geting sticky as well. I give him a paper towel to dry his hands and then he is stuck to it. It wouldnt peel off so I walked him down the hall with him holding his hands out and paper towels hanging! I took him to the nurses station where they got a good chuckle out of the sticky situation and wondering how in the world they where going to get it off. I unfortuanately couldnt stick around I had to go pick Cami up from school. But when I picked him up from school he was all cleaned up. He said it took them a long time to get it off, including hand sanitizer, a warm hand wash, peeling, scrub pads, another warm wash and a following up peel where it finally came off.

My poor guy, his papa asked him if he remembered where he got into it at and he said yes by the blue playground. He said well now you know what tree to leave alone....Calebs response "Yep, I never want to be that sticky again".

Calebs 1st project of 2nd grade was an All Bbout Me poster! he was so proud of his!

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