Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Newest on Cami

Ok well here is my update on Cami sorry its long overdue, its been a crazy week.
We've celebrated her 1 year seizure free, had her 1st meeting with her OT, started her full time at school, TCAP testing with Caleb all last week I was a proctor so I was there everyday and then we managed to squeeze in another wonderful camping memory in our book this past weekend. What a way to end the busy week!!!!!

So I'll start with her party, it was the sweetest memory for her. I took her a cake and a huge flower balloon up to her school to let her friends celebrate with us. I got some amazing pics(thanks Mrs. Mandy) and they had also sang a song for Cameran called Happy Seizure Free Day Cami sang in the Happy Birthday tune! It was the sweetest! So here are those photos:
Me and Cami

Some hand over hand feeding

Trying to figure it out

There you go Cami....Look what she can do

I love this picture:


Her class friends

I love my balloon...she kept rubbing it!

Some smiles for my little sunshine
Thanks for celebrating the day with us!

We had a meeting with her OT and PT where we discussed where Cameran is at and go over their Evaluations. Physical Therapy part went really well basically she is doing well far as her movement that she doesn't need it anymore. She is where she needs to be, super news!!!!!
Now for her OT report: She transitions well for her time with the OT. It goes on to say Cameran was able to attend to most tasks for about 15 to 30 SECONDS. She became easily frustrated when she could not complete a task that was given to her. If she couldn't attempt the task she seeked help from the evaluator and if she didn't assist Cami would get mad and start throwing the objects. She was able to follow simple one handed verbal directions with modeling. Cameran is a very bright 3 yr old and she used her eyes and body language to communicate with the evaluator. She was very consistent with what she wanted to convey and overall, she was able to cooperate with OT in order to get an adequate evaluation.

Neuromuscular and Gross Motor observation:
Camerans muscle tone was observed to be low, however within functional limits. Although not formally assessed, she has full range of motion in both upper extremities. Cameran has a lack of joint stability and she displays scapula winging. However, she is able to compensate for her instability.

Fine Motor Skills:
Cameran picked up small objects using a raking grasp and an immature pincer grasp pattern. She was not able to twist off the cap during the fine motor assessment. However she was able to pull off the top and place objects inside the bottle using an immature pincer grasp. She had difficulty demonstrating isolated finger movements. When stacking 1 inch blocks Cami stacked one block on top of the other with her right hand. She did not utilize a controlled release instead she demonstrated increased pressure with complete extension of her elbow as if she were slamming the blocks into place. Cami was able to place one shape into the correct puzzle slot using a trial error method. However she was not able to place any pegs into the peg holes utilizing the same method. She did not cross mid line when stacking blocks or when attempting the puzzle.

Pencil and Paper skills:
Cami colors with her right hand using a palmar grasp pattern. She was not able to to imitate horizontal strokes, but she does scribble. She displays weak muscle development in her hands.

Sensory Processing Tactile: Cameran is often sensory seeking needing to chew and place objects in her mouth. She does not want to touch certain consistencies and textures. She does prefer no clothing and no shoes.

Vestibular: Cameran seeks movement. She likes to run and about freely.

Hearing: Cameran appears to like noise and she makes squealing sounds to express her emotions.

According to the PDMS-2, Cameran's Visual Motor Subtest scores fall within the very poor performance range. This score translates to the age equivalent of a 2 year old. Cameran is often sensory seeking and appears to be tactile defensive.

She will have OT weekly and started school full time this week, so far she has been very clingy to me not wanting to go but once I leave they say she does pretty good. I got a call yesterday from her teacher requesting another pair of shoes because during potty time she stuck her foot into the potty with her new pair of brown leather sandals..... Ackkkkk! Today I took her and then she called me saying Cami was running temp so she is at home but I've not seen a temp yet but she does have a runny nose.


She has been playing with glue, markers, paint, beans and she loves it all. I'm working on colors with her here at home and having her point out pics of aniamls....shes doing it somewhat and she knows the sign for dog....she pats her right leg its the cutest!
Around here at home I've noticed a few changes in her. Shes become more interested in T.V. mainly cartoons that sing. Like Spongebob she just loves to watch the song they sing when its coming on and then shes done but I love how she is slowing down to pay attention. Outside she started a couple new things this week. She has figured out how to climb up the ladder on the play set all by herself(we are in trouble) and she also figured out how to swing herself on the big kid swing. She lays on her belly the runs forward then lifts her feet up and swings back and forth. I'll have to get some pics of her showing off her new talents.

Her balance has greatly improved, she can walk up stairs foot over foot motion holding onto the rail, she can kick a ball with out losing her balance and she can run like the wind and tackles her brother to the ground. She still has the no sense of fear in her in which the PT mentioned but in time I imagine that too will just be a thing of the past! Shes doing great!



JSmith5780 said...

What a great party and pictures. It seems the school has a good handle on Cami and her abilities or inabilities.

Anonymous said...

Im so proud of her! She is such a little angel! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

Love Sissy