Thursday, April 10, 2008


To have that Sleep Study behind us now we just wait for the results.


We went in Monday evening to The Vanderbilt Marriott Hotel, very very nice room. Nothing like I was expecting, big room double beds. Some reason I was thinking hospital room with a roll out cot for me to sleep on. We where told that only one parent was aloud to stay and no co sleeping with the child during the study. Turned out to all be the opposite. My hubby got to stay and they asked me to sleep with Cami to keep her from getting wrapped up in all the cords.

We arrived at 7:30pm they came in at 8:00 asked about her bed routines and of her normal bed time which I told them is typically between 9-9:30. SO he came in at 9:45 she had just fell asleep he asked how long she had been asleep I said a few minutes so he said he would come back in 30-45 minutes to let her get into a deep sleep before hooking her up. He told me I probably wouldn't get much sleep that night and he was right I got little to no sleep.


I was already so nervous because now I am in full view of the camera and a speaker hooked to her bed hearing every drop of sound. Anyhow he made it in to hook her up around 10:15 who knew it would take over an hour of hook-up it was very similar to an EEG for those that have been through that torture and mess. They put about 20 electrodes around her head, face, chin and chest. They then put too straps around her chest watching her breathing. She started to wake during that part so he stopped for a minute then moved down to attempt the leg electrodes which she did not like. She started flipping and flopping in her sleep and immediately started getting tangled so he said it wasn't worth the risk so he took them off. Since she woke up a little bit and then managed to pull a few of those wires out of her hair he said he would come back when she was back asleep again. That was another 30 minutes now its after midnight and I'm exhausted and thinking how much worse it will be if I drift off to sleep because I will be snoring up a storm. How embarrassing, all I could think was them coming in to check on who was the snorer...LOL!

Anyhow he came back in and fixed the head and chest electrodes she pulled out then wrapped them all in a long braid. I was shocked he didn't wrap her head in the mummy fold I think it wold have held better. He also put the pulse thing on her toe and that was the piece that kept falling off all night long. Weird having a strange man coming and lifting the covers to fix that thing every time she kicked it off which was like every 20 minutes. She did lots of tossing and turning and crying out in her sleep so he asked that I sleep with her to keep her from getting tangled in that braid. She managed to pull out some of the electrodes in her hair so he would come in and re-glue those back on......It was a loooong night and an early morning. He came in at 5:45 and started taking the things off of her of course she woke up screaming mad because she is tired and is awaken by tugging of her hair. I immediately start thinking of Dawsons dad saying that out of all the technology out there, there has to be an easier way of going about this. It took me 4 washes of shampoo to get that glue out of her hair and 2 baths and to get all that sticky tape stuff off of her legs and chest. What a pain! But the guy was super super nice an English man I just loved his accent and they took very good care of us. He was funny because he said Cami would probably grow up speaking like an English man after all that horror! he then told us it would take 2-3 weeks for the results because it has to run through allot of people and they have to watch every second of the night with different specialists. So now we just wait and catch up on our sleep!


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