Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goofy boy


Oh Caleb hes at such an intresting age. Exploring, learning how to read and just all around trying to understand the world! Some recent conversations of ours makes me love being a mom all that more!


Where is In the Middle of Nowhere? This is something I hear him talk about all the time actually its every other day that I hear these conversations.

Caleb says: Momma one day I would like to go to the middle of no where to see what it looks like! What do you recon is out there in the middle of no where?
Me: There are probably lots of things like trees, grass and sometimes houses.
Caleb: well how can people live out in the middle of nowhere, how would they get food?
Me: They would have to drive to a store.
Caleb: What if in Tennessee there were no stores or restraunts then what would we do?
Me: Then maybe no one would want to live in Tennessee, or maybe we would have to grow a garden and hunt our own food to live.
Caleb: Well I think I would just like to go see that sometime.

Next day in the car on the way home from school he says will this road take you to the middle of nowhere? If you had a tornado out there in the middle of nowhere would it tear anything up?
Me: yes there are still trees out there
Caleb: well what if there wasnt anything?

I'm telling you the questions just go on and on.

Yesterdays car conversation was about Butterflys. This is what they are learning about this week along with other insects and plants.
He asked me momma do butterflys make butter?
Me: I am about to die laughing trying to explain that no butterflys dont make butter.
Caleb: But it says butter then fly
Me: I'm not sure why they call it a butterfly but thats not where butter comes from.
Caleb: well my backpack goes on my back and see the 1st word says back and thats what it does and its a pack like what you put your stuff in.
Me: I'm stuck I didnt no what to say so I changed the subject!
Where do they come up with this stuff?
Kids say the darndest things!!!! But man do I adore these conversations!

Heres a few pics of him from our camping trip this weekend just being a silly ol boy!



He must get it from his daddy....Teehee.....

I'm so gonna pay for that one...LOL!



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JSmith5780 said...

LOVE the picture of Jason!!

Austin drives me crazy sometimes with his questions. These days it's all about math and adding. He asks at the most inopportune times though... when I am driving or we are walking. He's jsut learning so writing it our using fingers and toes is still the best method for teaching him... that's kind of hard to do while driving though!