Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little bit of Luck!

Ok so I have to say we are typically not the people you would consider having "good luck" as far as winning things goes. So we where thrilled on Saturday when it seemed our luck had changed!

This past Saturday Caleb and Jason(hubby) went to the local MS walk with my mother-in-law who has MS we do this yearly and its for a great cause, she amazes me everyday with her strengths. Unfortunately Cami and I didnt get to attend this year since she has an ear infection and sinus infection and it was rainy that morning. So Jason sends me pics throughout the walk of different things they are doing and the last one I get is the following.

At the walk they are doing a raffle for Belks shopping sprees of $100 well they get to the last one and call out Calebs number and he has won a $500 shopping spree to Belks. Now imagine this, the ticket that he had was given to him by 2 women that said they couldnt stay and handed him some tickets one of which was the winner. So later that evening we made it to Belks and did our shopping which took 3 hours. You know $500 doesnt seem like much until you get there and learn you have to spend it all at once, we where running out of things to buy that we like. This store is huge but prices we learn are big, I often found myself not wanting to get some things because of the cost even though we werent paying for it. Weird I know but when I know I can get that same pair of shorts for $7.00 at Carters or Childrens Place I couldnt see myself paying $20.00+ for them. I got the kids some really great things though and Jason got him some much needed clothes I only bought 3 items. Jason told me after we where done that "This is my dream come true a shopping spree and I only bought 3 things". But honestly I didnt mind they needed stuff way more than I.

So afterwards we stopped over at our Avenue(shopping center) and bought the kids a cookie and a drink for being so patient. 3 hours is alot to ask of a kid in 1 store, Caleb was so over done but Cami did really well, she wanted to go up and down the escelators and heaven forbid we walk pass them and not take her.


Well the day continues and we decide to try out the lottery since its been a good day so far. So we stop at the gas station and buy 5 powerball picks. 1 I choose the numbers, 1 Caleb chose the numbers, 1 Jason did, 1 I did of the kids B-days and one Quick pick. Well have you know when we got home and checked the numbers Jasons pick had won. He got 4 out of 5 numbers so he had won $100 but because it was the x5 he won $500.00. We couldnt believe it I mean what are the odds to win 2 500's in 1 day. What made him really squirm was that he was 1 number off from the million dollar win, man that would have been nice! But what we got was plenty enough for me!

Must have been our lucky day probably want happen again for another 7 years....LOL!



Mommy2KC said...

OMG! How awesome!! You guys deserve it . . . here's hoping more luck will come your way! :-)

JSmith5780 said...

I somehow missed this post... CONGRATS!!