Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Cameran trying out a football helmet and looking too cute!

We believe our Little girl has learnd who Mommy and Daddy are! We have been hearing lots of MaMa and Da alot and when we walk in the room she greets us with our names! She is babbling a little more and is just a happy baby girl that loves to give hugs and kisses!

Cameran had an EEg in Dec. and it read abnormal but not showing Hyps! What this means we aren't sure she goes Jan 12th for all results including her blood results that she had that same day! I caught a peek at them at her Peds office he didn't know what any of it meant since he didnt know what the testing was for. He just mentioned some of them came back very high! I believe they where testing her acids!

Cameran loves to climb up in this chair and rock!

Cameran got put on iron drops last week for her low iron. This has seemed to help as she isn't eating as much paper! So funny!
Also while on our trip to Louisiana Cameran started running a temp of 105.8 turned out she had an ear infection that is now healed and she was also weezing and having trouble breathing. So they tried her on a breathing machine and it did the trick her weezing stopped as did her cough. SO we did those treatments for a week and it helped her in every way. They aren't sure if she has asthma but they told us to hold onto the machine that if her cough keeps coming back she probably does have asthma.

Our Sweet Baby Girl! She found her blanky and where theres a blanky theres her thumb included!

We can't believe how small she is again. She has lost about 7-8 pounds and is looking like herself again weighing in around 28-29 pounds. Its been 8 weeks since we stopped the ACTH and boy are we happy that is all over with!

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