Friday, December 15, 2006

Some Results are in!

Well she had her EEg yesterday and Blood work and Urine for further testing from bad results she had gotten while in the hospital. So it all had to be retested with a fasting. Here is an e-mail from the dr that I got this morning:

The EEG continues to be abnormal but is NOT hypsarrythia. I think this is an improvement from before. When you all get back try to set up an appt and we can talk about what is the next step after all the labs are all in.

Her Iron was low-34 (50-120 Normal)
Hemoglobin is 10.3 (10.5-13.5 Normal)
PVC 33 (33-40 Normal)

the rest that is final looks OK. Some labs are pending and take more time

Great news about the hyps being gone! They tested her Iron because she all of sudden had a craving for eating any kind of paper tissues, toilet paper you name it she ate it! They call it "Pyka"(sp?) but they say when kids do this it usually means their iron is low/anemic. Glad we had her tested for it since it seems low!

We are off on Vacation today so I will update more when we get back! Happy Holidays!

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JSmith5780 said...

Great news...have a good Holiday!