Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still here....Still breathing....

Man how time gets away from you! Cant believe I havent posted since June! And so much has happened since then. One main thing is the kids have started back to a new school and they LOVE it! Its so great to have them at the same school, Cami really took to it well, she loves all her new friends and her new teachers! She is attending a CDC Kindergarden room, they have their own special wing and play ground, its great. Even more great her and Caleb get dropped off and picked up on her wing and they are all so nice. They also have the same lunch time so she gets to see her Big bubby everyday.

Her 1st day was interesting because she through a fit once it was time for me to leave she didnt wont to go into her room, through herself back in the floor and screamed. But thankfully the next day I just dropped them off outside and she walked right in, not even a fuss from parting from Caleb, shes being such a big girl ;)
She does however get weekly reports home on her progress and it seems she has problems sitting and staying in her chair and running off....LOL! Couldnt help but laugh and feel sorry for them in all the same, shes a busy gal!
Right now shes learning how to write her name and also practicing their letters and numbers...she still scribbles so she has a way to go....BUT she reconizes all her ABC's, some of her numbers, but can count to 12. They are also working on colors a different one every week. She still has trouble in that area she mostly knows PINK...everything is pink ;) Shes also learning her 5 senses, they've taught in a song, poor gal gets it all mixed up but she will get there.
A few weeks back she brought some pictures home and I was going over with them with her and I said Cami whats this and the letter was an O and the picture was an Octopus...she said its an Octofish ...I love it! So just taking to this new surroundings very well. Potty training well its still all on her terms...weve had no luck, she went pee one time on the potty and screamed out in fear and jetted out of the bathroom she wanted nothing of fushing and saying bye bye...teehee ;) But this I know will just be a memory of what once was and sayings of look what she has accomplished!

Caleb has done remarkable at this school! He loves all his new friends and new teachers, they offer so much more fun activites at this school then their last school, so Im really looking forward to all the memory making these 2 are gonna make there!

Jaydens 1 year pics I took of her...just a few of my favs!

Jayden well shes growing like a dang weed. She turned 1 years old on September 1st. Just makes me cry everytime I think about it...time is just slowly(fast) passing us by! Shes such a sweetheart and is spoiled by many and showered with lots and lots of hugs and kisses...right here in our home. Caleb and Cami adore her, and fight over her often! She gets into everything and can figure out just about anything. So weird watching her meeting these milestones that seem so easy to most people but to me Im like man shes a genius but only because I see Cami meeting the same milestones with her. Its almost like starting over because nothing Cami did was on target....EXCEPT for....Drum roll please......She taught herself how to ride her bike the beginning of this summer with no training wheels. Thats right, she actually did something at an appropriate age and we couldnt have been more proud :D Got it all on video, I cried happy tears for my girl she is so amazing!

Anyhow on Labor day weekend we celebrated Jaydens 1st and Calebs 9th birthdays together. My mom and youngest sister got to come up from Louisiana to help us celebrate. Wanted to thank everyone for thinking of my mom during her time of loss. She is getting there one day at a time without the love her life whom is greatly missed!
And me well thats why I havent posted much is because Ive had a ton of problems keeping me plenty occupied. Had some gallbladder attacks at the end of July beginning of August went in to the Dr and he set me up the following to have it taken out. Had that done August 18th and all went really well he said I had numerous very large stones. So glad its gone! Took a week of recovery but I have heeled nicely. Went in a week after started having problems with high BP's(but was said to be due to just the stress of surgery and all, its since gone back down), Anyhow at that appointment I had routine blood work done and it came back that I had Type 2 diabetes, so I quickly signed myself up for an 8 hour education class on how to manage this and so far it has been succesful! I never picked up sugar drinks after having Jayden I knew my risks were higher for diabetes since I had Gestational diabetes with all 3 and it got progressively worse with every pregnancy. I also have a family history of it!
That same week I went and had my eyes checked since it had been 12 years since I had that done and I noticed my eyes were getting bad. Well turns out Im nearsighted in both eyes and have an astigmatism in my right eye so now I have a new pair of eyes. Took me a while to gt use to glasses but now I think nothing of it. My husband said oh great now you look smart....LMBO! Hes such a nut ;)

Let me not forget to mention that inbetween all that maddness with me, Jayden had salmonilla poisioning and it was absolutely horrible. I kept taking her into the dr because her poo was so bad then we started finding blood in it. they kept saying it was just a virus because it was going around so bad at that time. I took a diaper into them and they tested it and it didnt come back for a week. They called me and said Mrs Hayes jayden has salmonilla posioning hows she jaw dropped! Gosh folks here I sat with a really ill baby for a week and you are just now calling me and telling me this. She had high temps severe belly cramps and bowel problems, wouldnt eat. It lasted for 3 weeks. She had to be taken back 2 weeks into it for not a high temp but too low of a temp of 95, she was shivering, I had to put winter clothes on her and wrap her up, they were worried, but she eventually got over it, med free! She didnt get it from Eggs as some may wonder, she did however a few days before she started having problems got into the trash while I was cooking and pulled out a raw chicken package...I had forgot all about that! Little stink is busy body number 2 in this house...just like her big sis!
We are currently working on our upstairs, kind of got delayed with all these extreme heat days. His temp gage would read 130 up there so he couldnt work on it. But since we've had a few cooler evenings hes gotten the air unit put in now to have it inspected and then we can start insulating, dry walling, floors, paint, all the electric works hes already done and the framing, cant wait to see it finished. And Caleb cant wait either since he will be moving upstairs. It will be big moving then cause Jayden will get moved out of our room and Cami to Calebs room, oh fun I love a project.
Speaking of projects Ive been back into my craft mode I guess it just goes hand and hand with the holidays nearing. ive been crochetinghats left and right, blankets, then started making pillowcase dresses! Havent made anymore tutus or hairbows as much. Need to figure out how to start selling all this stuff.

Well the kids are getting aggetated so I guess that can only mean 1 of 2 things, either they are hungry or guess is its grub time ;)
Hope everyone is doing well, I promise I will try to keep this more up to date!
Happy to come soon!

Caleb and Jaydens Birthday Party pics!

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