Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Wow, another year come and gone and I tell ya it flew by for us and for that I am so thankful! My kids have done nothing but be sick all winter. Cami started the show with falling off the monkey bars in our back yard and breaking her humerus bone in her left arm....knocked it clear off the growth plate! So it required suregery and 2 pins through her elbow and a cast for 4 weeks. She was out of school for 3 weeks around the Thanksgiving break! During that time Jayden took a fall off our tall kitchen chairs and broke hers that didnt require suregery but she have to go into a cast for a few weeks. Both girls had purple cast on their left arms and I thought I could just lose my mind! Bagging arms for baths, trying to keep them still so they didnt knock them and make them worse...I lived on pins and needles! But both have healed well, you would never know Cami had broke hers she uses it with no problem. Jayden still fusses with hers if she knocks it they both have rechecks in February!

For the month of December we dealt with many weird illnesses between Jayden and Caleb! Jayden had salmonella poisioning the beginning of Nov. Her runny bowels continued off and on for weeks getting worse in Dec. they did many diaper samples over 6 weeks and finally it came back that she had C-Diff its highly contageious and we have no idea how she got it. They say you usually get it from too many antibiotics but she had never been on any...but they gave her meds and things got better for about a week and now we are back to the same ol problem. She will be seeing a belly Dr soon!
Caleb the week before school got out seemed to have some virus just throwing up non stop, took him back and forth to the Dr and they kept just saying it was just a virus. Finally it got so bad with stomach pains he couldnt even walk(this was the 2nd day of vomiting) that I took him to the ER....they thought it was his appendix and did a CT scan. It came back ok so they just ran a bag of fluids to hydrate him some and afterwards he felt better they also did blood and said it looked good.

Sent us home and the vomiting and pain started back again! Took him back to the Dr first thing in the morning and they ran blood again and his electrolytes had dropped even more from the ER readings. His breath smelt sweet so he started going into Ketosis. Dr then read the report from the ER and said I know what he has Mesentric adentitis swollen lymph nodes in his belly causing him to be sick and in so much pain! They put him into the hospital the week before Christmas to hydrate him for 24 hours, since thats the only way to help it! SO mad that the Er dr's didnt tell us! Once hydrated he was back to his normal little self!
We made it through Christmas wonderfully....with no sick kids for a whole 2 days then Jaydens belly issues started back up! We found out she had that C-Diff and a day later Caleb starts running temp for no known reason! Had to take him 2 differrent times because they couldnt find anything he just a mild cough. So they did a chest xray and there the smoke sat he had pnemonia! So they put him on an antibiotic it eventually got worse he had to go back and they had to add a steroid and breathing treatments. He finally fought off the high temps and then scarred us with with low temps of 94 and very pale....but thank the Lord he got better!
So as of right now we are just dealing with non stop diapers from Jayden but she seems happy so maybe allergies?
Cami had a eye exam on Monday per schools request and she did amazing. Passed with flying colors 20/20 vision! She was so excited sitting in the chair, read and reconized all her letters, numbers and pictures! She cracks me up at how tickled she gets and the smallest things! Anywho she has her 3 year IEP meeting this coming Friday! I know it will go well cause I think she is doing amazing. They worry cause she still cant trace a line, color in lines she still scribbles! But can you believe my girl can spell her name she walks around all day saying C A M E R A N (camwan...thats how she says it) but she is doing so great I couldnt be more proud at how hard she works! I just know she will be all caught up in a few years!!!!!!
Sorry for such a long time between all my posts but as you see its been pure choas around here as usual wouldnt be normal around here with out it :D

WIshing you all a very Happy New Year!

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