Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Girl.....

Yes thats right our girl is most certainly growing up right before our eyes. Cami has been up to so much here lately. She had her big 6th bday party in Hello Kitty of course her current favorite! We signed her up on a team to play T-Ball, she finished Kindergarden, lost her first 2 teeth, and has gotten her ears pierced! Busy lil gal she is ;)
I can hardly believe her 1st school year is over, its feels like she just had started. It was such a great year of learning for her. By the end of the year, she knew how to spell and write her first name she knows her last name but cant spell it just yet. She can tell you how old she is but doesnt know her birthday, but she knows when its the BIG day because she will walk around telling everyone, and the stories she'll tell you of her big day, its like it just happened yesterday to her. Great memory shes got.
Some other things she learned this year was what state she lives in, Tennessee! What planet she lives on Earth or as she calls it is ERF! By the end of the year they finally had her lining stickers up on a straight line. We are still working on her tracing which she still cant do or understand. Her comprehension is still or biggest concern for her she scores a 6/100 still. But we know she'll get there!

Her speech just keeps getting better and better though, she just told her daddy for the first time ever on Fathers Day weekend that she missed him, you could just see his heart melt. Specially since she actually knew what she was saying to him. She is a daddys girl, wrapped around his finger for sure ;)

Anyhow a couple of weeks before school was out she lost her first tooth. We have no idea where its at though :( She went to school with it in her mouth then came home without it and she was terrified. Im sure she probably swallowed it during lunch since no one noticed it. But when she got in the car she was in huge tears mommy my tooth is broke as she was freaking out in the back seat with her finger sticking in the hole saying it hurt. So since their school is only 3 minutes from their Pediatric Dentist I just swung her in the there real quick to let them help her out. She was besides herself, but when she left she was all smiles. They gave a good report and let her pick out something from the treasure box. Then the Dentist actually hand wrote a note to the Toothfairy telling her that she did infact lose her tooth that day, it was the sweetest and best keepsake.

She got $10 for her 1st one, but really didnt understand the whole process of it all because we didnt actually have the tooth to put in the box to stick under her pillow. So with her 2nd one we kept a close eye on it and she was such a big girl and actually let us pull it out. We then read her the toothfairy book that night and had her place her tooth inside the tooth box and had her place it under her pillow. When she got up the next morning we grabbed the video camera to capture her response and it was priceless. She looked under there and said look the "Mermaid" left me 500 hunshred(thats how she pronounces it) dollars($5) But a $1 is a hundred dollars in her book.....it was so funny specially since she called her a mermaid, she was thrilled. We took her to a local Hobby Store so she could pick out something and of course it was all Hello Kitty items, just made her day counting out her money to them and getting change back! Such changes this girl is making!

Her latest thrill seek came upon us Fathers Day weekend when I was getting ready one morning and I was putting my earrings in and she said I want some. I said what baby and she said those. So I said Ok well we can do that so we took her and she sat like a pro up in that chair, that girl was smiling ear to ear with excitement little did she know or undertand what it took to get those prettys in your ears. But they were able to do both at the same time. And 1,2,3 and click she was done and she just sat there puzzled, Like what the heck just happened. She then jumped down and was ready to see her buttons as she calls them. We let her pick out a prize in the store for being so big. On the way to church the next morning she said "what are these buttons in my ears or something?" She is a hoot! I just love her way of talk!

And latest is that we signed her up for T-ball, after all this girl has an amazing talent when it comes to sports. She totally blows my mind. She is fantastic at Basketball she can hit every hoop and its 8ft tall, school kept saying have you ever thought about putting her in some sort of sports, they couldnt get over how good she was! Ive got her playing ball all on video, shes awesome! She had recently started showing intrest with baseball so our neighbor is a coach so I asked him about it with her being special needs and all and he put her in the game with the 3-5 year olds and Im telling you she fit in perfect with them. She really doesnt understand the game but they have the coach who can run right with her to direct her in the correct direction. She can hit the ball if its pitched to her which is a HUGE accomplishment, and she can hit really good off the T and she knows she has to run the bases. BUt get her out in feild and if she cathces the ball she doesnt really get tagging people, shes been known to tag her own team mates.......BUT she has won us a game by getting 2 players out and recently won us a game by making it home and un-tying the game......FANTASTIC!

They placed 4th in County Tournaments, so proud of my big girl, and all the kids just love her! And just ask her about T-ball and she'll say just this, "I hit the ball and then I run and I win" as she jumps up and down! Oh my goodness this girl just amazes me at what she is capable of! We plan on signing her and her big brother up for fall ball and then again next year with the Spring Ball I figure if we keep her with it she'll figure it out :D So super Proud momma over here!

As for the other 2 kiddos go well we are just trying to keep them getting along with each other as they continue to grow. Such differences in them all making it difficult to find their simmilarities. Cami is very head strong and Caleb is laid back and Jayden is the best of both worlds she has learned alot from the two of them. And I tell ya she is the hardest to control here lately.

She will be 2 years old Sept 1st and sometimes i feel ike we have already hit the terrible twos. Cami has instilled alot of her fears into Jayden, shes scared of everything Cami screams at now, Tree get me(weeping willow tree), Dog get me, bug get me, balloon get me, light get me, its so sad to see her fear these things like her sister. But I figure its just a stage. Caleb use to be terrified of hair dryers, vaccumm cleaners, dogs, bugs and fireworks all of which was just a stage! So this too shall pass ;)

Caleb will be starting 5th grade this year and that totally just blows my mind but hes such an excellent student, He made A Honor Roll and AB Honor Roll all year, he got lots of awards for most respectuful and such, he makes his momma so proud!

As far as this summer goes, we've not really done much! Usually you would find us out camping somewhere but the camper took a beating with all the weather from this winter. Its got a bad leak that caused the ceiling to fall in so we've got to get it fixed, sadly insurance was no help :(
But we do have a beach vacation planned in a few weeks and the kids can not wait. Neither can I!!!!! This will be Jaydens 1st time to the beach, its been 3 years since weve been, so long overdue! Cami everyday wakes up saying "We go to the Beach today" No sweetheart but soon enough. Cant wait for those new memories!

Hope this finds everyone doing well.....Happy 4th of July and Happy Summer Breaking everyone!


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