Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dragging my feet....

Ok so like said I'm way behind here. Just lots going on around this are busy! So in the past couple of weeks Cami has really taken off its like a growth spurt of words. She is learning names and her new one is Kelli but she says LeL-e-e(she really draws it out...thats a southern girl for ya;). My sister was thrilled to finally hear her say it. She has been singing well its really just the perfect tune who needs words any way. But to hear my girl hummmm Twinkly Twinkle Little star will melt your heart in bits. She says Lalalala Lala lala the whole way through then claps for herself at the end! Then there is her ABC song we've been working on this trying to get her to repeat the letters back to us. Well she has the A and B E and D down pretty good. Now when she sings it its all A A A A A A A A A the whole way through it is too cute.....Sweet Sweet Tunes my girl!

Her birthday went over fantastic. She got all she could have dreamed of and more. She even tried to blow out her own candles. She was really into opening those gifts this year and let me tell ya that girl loves clothes and shoes so we heard lots of ewwws and awwws out of her. We got her a new pair of shoes and she had to get in them right then and pulled her old ones off and put the new ones on before moving on to the next gift....LOL! That girl loves shoes, anything that makes loud noises thrills her she loves to make them clack on the floors! Good stuff, heres some pics!

Then of course this last green bag gift was a surprise for all! Cant be a party without one! Heres the reactions from the loved ones, I will treasure this picture forever!

Just what was so exciting in that bag?
Well it was this shirt:

Took a few people a minute to catch on but it was a great surprise! Thats right we are expecting another little miracle. Coming soon in September! We've already heard the heartbeat and things are looking good at 10 weeks. I've had my fair share of morning sickness and lots of sinus problems resulting in lots of mild temps, coughs, runny noses and pure exhaustion. But hopefully that will all soon be a thing of the past. We are thrilled, Caleb at first thought it was weird but now I find him asking questions all the time. Like what do you think it will be a boy or a girl? What do you think we will name it? Where will it sleep? He cant wait to feed it the list goes on and curious he is. And Cami she has no clue all she knows is that she got a cute shirt out of it....LOL! But she does have a new word and thats Baby and she says it all the time. It will be a sweet sweet thing, we cant wait!

So I hope this news was worth the wait :)
We are still waiting patiently for the Spring weather so we can start our camping season. Lots of memories to make!


Reagan Leigh said...

Wonderful news!!! Congratulations! It did take me a while to catch on...I just kept thinking what a cute shirt it was...a cute way to surprise everyone! And I'm just so glad to hear that Cami is doing so well. You'll have to get video of the singing!

Kelsey Celeste said...


Kelly said...


You'll never believe that at the BEGINNING of this post, I was thinking to myself: "Wow. Cami is 4 now. I wonder if they're going to have anymore?" NO KIDDING! I actually DID think that! And then the pics! LOLOLOL

Well, a good ol' fashioned Southern Congratulations to You Four! How exciting to say the least!

Katie said...

OH!!!!! Congratulations, dear! I got it as soon as I saw the t-shirt! I'm so happy for you!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Congrats Karen!!! How exciting!!! I took quite the hiatus from blogging my first trimester of pregnancy. It takes so much out of you especially when you already have 2 kiddos to look after.

Cami looked so adorable opening her presents. She seemed so concentrated on finding out what was in each one of them. That is so awesome.

Jamie said...

Cami you are still my lil hero. :)
that first trimester sleeeeeepy...
An amazing time for sure :)

JSmith5780 said...

YAY!!! I got it before I saw the picture.

Congrats, I am so happy for you all!