Monday, February 02, 2009


Well not a whole lot going on around here, no big excitements, no big outings just hanging out around home trying to stay warm. We are so ready for the Spring we had a little taste of it yesterday with temps in the lower 60's it was fantastic. Not a cloud in the sky and a warm/cool crisp breeze....ahhhhhhhh......and you guessed it we spent the whole day outside soaking it up. The kids were running our cul-de-sac out on their bikes and scooters while the hubby and I worked on cleaning the garage out. They loved being out there and not cooped up in the house. I took advantage of the day and aired out the house it was wonderful. I tell you this winter has been one of our coldest in a while so it was great to get a warm day. We've had a few snow showers here and there but still no big snows yet but we still have some winter to go!
( So Jamie I'm still waiting....send us your snow.....LOL! (Oh and my accent....teehee....I know country right, I cant help it! And yes you do have an accent, its defiently northern....LOL! But it was so great chatting with you as well!)

SO the countdown is for my Cami she will be turning the BIG 4 on Saturday the 7th. My goodness how time is flying, I cant believe how tall she has gotten. She is such a ball of energy always on the go and is the loud one of the bunch, lots of squealing, laughing, babbling and screaming. Her speech continues to get better she is really working hard on putting those sentences together. They usually go something like this: "I want bite", I want go bye bye", "Daddy go Bye Bye" "My play", and the cutest so far is "Hi Mom" she said this last week when I picked her up from school.....melted me into pieces. But such a grown up way of saying it....come on MOM wheres the momma? She has become so attatched to me lately, she had her first seperation anixety from me last Friday when I dropped her off. She has never acted up when I dropped her off at school. But this day she was not having it, she wouldnt let them take her coat off or her back pack. Running from them doing the noodle legs. And every time I tried to sneak out she would scream and run for me, so I had to stay trying to get her attention on their activities she just wasnt having it she would keep peaking over to make sure I was still standing there. And would fit if I even got near the door. Broke my heart hearing her scream Mama Mama while I walked down the hall. They said she didnt cry long they gave her some candy and she was fine....Who wouldnt be happy to have some candy?
But this behavior happens we go out if I'm near she will not have anything to do with her Daddy. SHe will throw herself down and scream if he tries to hold her hand. Oh gotta share this story. Let me first say Cameran has her ways and her strange fears. And the fears are never what you may expect. As in shower heads that are removeable you know the ones with the cords. Well these terrify her, Why we have no clue??? She screams and you have to literally drag her to the bath tub. We thought at first it was just bath tubs she wasnt use to well as it turns out their bathroom didnt have one of those shower heads just a regular one. Until recently we put the ones that come unattatched since Caleb is taking big boy showers. Well this has struck a huge fear in her. Well what does my hubby thinks will break her from it? He thinks if he uses it on her that she will overcome the fear.......WRONG! It has infact made things worse, she will no longer go in the bathroom if the shower curtain is open and she will no longer stnad in the bathroom to brush her teeth alone. And know when we ask her if she is ready for a bath we no longer get the real enthuized jump for joy instead we get a wrestling match! Ugghhhh! He ruined her....LOL and she also no longer trusts him. The other night he tried to give her a bath and she said plain as day said "Dont want Dada baba(bath)" I couldnt help but laugh! Poor gal I just dont know how to get her over this fear, might just have to come with time. Sad though because she has always enjoyed bath time.

And for Caleb hes doing great loving school gets sad when they cancel it for a "snow day" makes him mad when they cancel school for snow and it doesnt do anything! Thats happened twice now. I'd like to talk to the people who make these decisions. Come on can life not go on if there is a slight chance of snow or because its too cold outside? Its just so different than when we went to school man they didnt cancel for anything.
Anywho the current in his class is they are working on AR they have to check out a Library Book everyday on there particular reading level for him he is on a level M. They have to bring the book home read it for homework then bring it back the next day and they get tested on it. He has done really well with it making 100's and a few 80's. ANd man the books keep getting longer and longer. But he is amazing and loves to read. Doing great in school!

SO thats all our excitement! No pictures to share I've got a few but they are still sitting on the camera but I will definelty post some from her upcoming birthday party! Oh and Happy birthday to Jens boys Ben and Connor who share the special day with Cameran!


JSmith5780 said...

How is it possible our kids are getting so big???? My babies aren't babies and neither is Cami! Tell Cami to enjoy her day. The boys party is Sunday so they have to wait a day!


P.S. Connor had a MASSIVE fear of elevators. He would shake with fear and scream like somone was murdering him. Nothing made it better, he just finally outgrew it. Give Cami time to realize it's just a showerhead.

Dawson said...

Happy Belated birthday sweet girl!!
We love reading about how well she is doing.