Sunday, March 22, 2009

Find the energy.....

That is my goal! I have been so worn down to even get on the computer, actually this is only the 2nd time in 2 weeks. I've been sicker than sick with a low grade temp that lasted everyday for 4 weeks due to a bad sinus infection that just wouldnt go away. It wiped me out couldnt pick my head up off the couch lots of headaches. They tried me out on 3 different meds and several shots all pregnancy safe to help knock it out. I stayed super stressed out thinking what these meds where doing to the baby, but I had to keep in mind that a temp wasnt safe either. But thankfully we finally found one that worked. I had one good day of feeling good then got the phone call that the strongest man I knew, my grandfather had passed away! Such a wonderful man he was I miss him so much! That same morning before I got that phone call I had the worst pain in my right upper side and back and chest pain it went on all night so I called the OB and they had me come in to check me out this was on Friday. Turned out I couldnt get a ultrasound right away because I had eaten so I had to wait till I got back from out of town. We took the long 9.5 hour trip to my moms in Louisiana for the funeral. I was so thankful that I got to be there with my family, lots of faces I havent seen since I was little. It was also a much needed love that I needed from my family I miss them so much I hate being so far from them, tears me to pieces not being able to see my neices grow or just hang out with my mom or sisters. Sadly we couldnt stay long had to get the kids back to school we came back on Wednesday and had them back to school On Thursday. Caleb was so upset he loves his school he also missed out on his bowling school trip but was very understanding. Such a great little guy he is. He was so great when I got upset at the funeral he would come up and pat my back and say mommy I'm so sorry your sad its ok! He did it over and over....God love him hes the greatest and most caring child, always concerned! Cami on the other hand did not handle the change well at all, she pitched fits pretty much that whole trip. She loved being at my moms house but anywhere else she screamed and cried she did take change well at all! Her schedule was wiped out with late late nights, no naps, lots of unfamiliar faces and a go go go schedule....understandbly hard for her! Poor gal Thanks to my hubby for taking care of her so I could be there for my family!

When we returned I headed to my ultrasound appt to have my gallbladder looked at and during the mist of the scan the tech lady says well how nice of you to bring your jewlery with you...pearls that is! Yep you guessed it gallstones and some very large ones at that! We are talking half dollar size. She said one good thing they arent little ones which are more painful. She said with the big ones they every once in awhile float down and get stuck when the gallbladder drains. Bad thing is they cant touch it till after the pregnancy. I have an appt set to see a Gallbladder specialist to tell me how I can better control the pain. Which I'm sure means no fatty foods. I tell ya I've already found out that I have gestational diabetes so no sugars. Before long I'll be down to bread and water alone.....good bye pregnancy cravings.....LOL! Actually that part hasnt been to bad I've found some good diet drinks that I enjoy and then of course lots of water. I go back to the Dr to hear the heart beat again this week I heard it last week still sounding good and strong! I'm a little over 14 weeks. Now enough about me I'll update you some on the kids. 1st start with Caleb, full of energy and breaking the tooth fairy with all these teeth he keeps losing. No fears anymore that thing gets lose hes begging his daddy to pull it out. Hes lost 6! Now Cami we are trying to get her back on schedule she didnt do to well at school after being out for 3 days on top of her weekend. Girl needs to keep a rountine. She has made huge progress in her speech she is really putting those sentences together. Mama I want tea, I want to eat, I want to go outside, I want to swing, I want ride bike, Thank-you mama, Thank-you dada, lots of sweet sweet words! She is really doing good at expressing her needs and wants. I'll post her IEP soon. She has a GI appt this week and its much needed she is still having major problems in that area even with the daily murilax we are only getting 1weeklys out of her its horrible. She also has her Developmental Evaluations coming up one in April then the big test in May. This is to evaluate her to see about the Autism again. So we shall see how that goes.
Well thats about it the kids are on Spring Break for the next 2 weeks. Next week we are headed to the Great Smoky Mountains to camp for the first time this year. I cant wait to relax and hear that creek run all day.
I'm sorry for lacking in the blogging world, I have fallen way behind on everyones updates and I apologize. I hope you guys are doing ok and I'm on a mission to catch up on your little angels!
P.s We did finally get our big snow we had been waiting for 8 inches here in our year it fell and the kids loved it and YES Cami included. I'll have to pull the pics soon for ya! Until then here is one in memory of my grandfather. These where taken Thanksgiving last year! Love you Pawpaw!

Me and my sisters with my Pawpaw!

Cami loved his ears she would just rub and rub them and he got the biggest kick out of it! Miss that smile and laugh!

2 Handsome guys!


JSmith5780 said...

Karen- I am so sorry to hear about your Paw-Paw. I truly dread the day I get the same phone call!

Caleb is finally catchin up to Austin in the tooth department! Now Ben has two loose!

Glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your vacation in the Smoky Mountains!

Reagan Leigh said...

It sounds like you've had a rough go of it lately. I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of this all at once! At least it sounds like things are getting better now. That's awesome about Cami's speech! It's amazing how things just start coming together like that!