Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coming soon...

Ok so I know I'm lacking big time in the blogging department! Its been an exhausting past few weeks with our big girl turning 4, Dentist appts, 4 year check-up and then on came the illnesses. She did have a great party so those pics are to come soon. I'll post them mid next week after her Belly Dr appt along with some updates!
Hope everyone is doing well we have really enjoyed the spring like weather but it seems its short lived since the cold is coming back tomorrow. Come on Spring we are ready for the Camping to begin!!!!


Dawson said...

Glad to hear yall are doing OK. Weve been fighting the nasty winter Illnesses at our house as well. Heres to Spring and being able to get outside and away from sick kiddos. Yall take care

Jamie said...

NO KIDDING!! just when we saw grass we had more snow!!I am so ready to open the windows!
Ohh I just love the b-day pic too...:)
Glad all is well. hangin in there!!