Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Outside....

So cold that they canceled school! I've never heard of a school doing that. But it is a freezin season right now! Woke up to temps of 2 and felt below 0 sad there is no snow to go with it. Of course Caleb was sad he loves school and Cami shes been very moody today so perhaps she misses going to school too. This was their first week back to school since being out 3 weeks on their Christmas Break. Cami didnt get to go back till Tuesday because she had her MRI. Which she did amazing such a pro my girl! Not one fuss out of her and the I.V she didnt even flinch just kept sucking that thumb. Going into the MRI room Jason went in with her this time and she sat up looked at me while they inserted the sleep stuff and she said Mama Bye Bye and her head went forward and she was out! That stuff is quick it just breaks my heart everytime, I hate these tests. But 45 minutes we got the page that she was done went back and saw her 10 minutes later she was awake and ready to go home! Quick and Easy. The results came in yesterday and it said the lesion is stable. SO great news! They said to have a repeat in a year.

When Cameran returned to school this week my girl was so excited, she couldnt get in there fast enough. She ran in and joined her friends in circle time where they where enjoying music and she jumped right in. With her coat and backpack on...LOL! The next day when I dropped her off they where in the center reading and she ran over again. Her friends where saying Hi Cameran hi Cameran and Cami kept saying Hi Hello Hi Hello it was the cutest. I told her Bye and she ran over grabbed her bags from me and said Bye wanting me to leave.....oh how fast they grow up!

Not much else going on just trying to stay warm. Since no school today it means a 4 day weekend and I'm liable to lose my mind with all the fighting and arguing they have been doing. Caleb screaming at Cami saying she won't share, Cami screaming back saying mine! Oh the joy of it all I'm just glad she can hollar and communicate back ;)


Dawson said...

we just love reading about how great she is doing!! Great news on the MRI. I cant stand to watch Dawson be put to sleep for those things. Its aweful so I feel for you. Keep up the good work Cameran!!

Jennybell said...

I don't know about there but the number to hit for school to be cancelled due to cold is -18.
We had school cancelled 3 days last week!
Good news on the MRI. I'm wondering when we'll have to do one next. It will have been a year since her first at the end of this month.