Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing you.....

A very safe and Happy New Year!

We are all doing great, the kids had a fantastic Christmas and I'm happy to say they are finally both over their colds. Thats right no school means no runny noses, to the germos....LOL! I've not downloaded my pics yet from Christmas so I'll get those up soon. No big plans for New Years, staying in watch the fireworks out the backdoor by myself. The kids are usually fast asleep along with the hubby :)
So hoping your day is more exciting than ours. Oh and my goal is to not wash clothes on New Years day seems its true what they say. Whatever you do that day is what you will do all year long, and washing clothes has become a daily thing for me...ugghhh not a favorite. Funny story is Caleb had brought home his reading homework a few weeks back and the book was called My favorite Hobby. It was about a girl who didnt know what her hobby was. At the end she finally figures it out. So I ask Caleb what his favorite hobby is and he says Art. Then I ask what he thinks mine is and he actually said Washing Clothes, he then said well you must like it because you do it all the time....LOL! Oh silly boy, thats what I love about them the most! So heres to 2009 a new year full of many more silly days, new words for my Cami, Loads of fun camping and lots of love!

Happy New Year!!!

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