Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All I want for Christmas....

Is my 2 front teeth!

Hooray he finally lost his other front tooth last Wednesday the 10th. And I have to say I have never been happier to see that thing go. He had whinned the last time that night after supper about having to chew on just one side of his mouth in fear of that thing falling out.
So after he was done I told him it was coming out that night no matter what. , I wiggled it, he wiggled it and then his daddy wiggled it. He didnt wont the paper towel near his mouth because he knew we were gonna try to pull on it. Finally I just held him down and he started screaming and his daddy put his hand in his mouth and Caleb went Ahhhhhhhhh...then said Ohhhhhhh all in the same sound because it was that quick that thing was out. I looked at Jason and he said its out I said what? He said all i did was barely squeeze his gum and that thing just popped right out. Caleb was jumping for joy, He said well that was easy, yeah right....LOL! Now he is set on his daddy pulling the rest out because it didnt even hurt.

Talk about him having a lisp, it was hilarious....

Well because that tooth didnt come out till bedtime I told him he didnt give the toothfairy enough time to bring him something. So she came Thursday night, well I tell ya when that boy woke up all I heard was the sound of his pit pat feet running back and forth on the floor full of excitment. I could tell he was wanting so badly to come in there to show me what he got but it was a snow day for the kids so he didnt want to wake me so he kept coming down the hall and standing at the end of the bed checking to see if I was awake yet. It was so funny. But man did the boy get some good stuff for that pain in the butt tooth...come on folks I had to play it up to make it worth the others to come out easier.

Anyhow he got an art book, glitter art glue, an electric pencil sharpner and 2 mini staplers. He said she must of known that I want to be an artist when I grow up! Dont ya just love it????

So speaking of that snow day, man was it pretty. 3 inches is what we got that night along with a big slushy, icy mess so there was no school that day. You know us southern folks go pure crazy on a small snow like that its not like we get it that often...LOL! I know Jen you are probably thinking no school because of 3 inches, funny huh! But people panic here.

In the below picture in his hair is 2 snow flakes, the front one was huge. We couldnt get over how big the flakes where.

Needless to say it was beautiful watching it fall that night, the flakes where so HUGE, Caleb said wow momma its a blizzard. So I said go get your shoes and coat on so I could take them out, so off they ran fast and grabbed their stuff I got them dressed and went to the back door and as soon as I opened that door I said look Cami its snow and no sooner did I get those words out she screamed in fear of it and turned the opposite direction and ran crying. She hated it, wanted nothing to do with it, I couldnt pull her in that direction, she didnt even wont to look out the window at it :(
The only picture I got of her and this was after she stripped in fear she wanted those clothes off in a hurry so I couldnt take her out. She was terrified!

Not sure why it scared her. But Caleb loved it and I got some cute pictures of him in it. Guess it'll just take a few more snows to get her use to it and right now its looking like its gonna be a good year for it. So maybe just maybe we will have a white Christmas!

Here he is measuring the snow! This is part of his weather machine he got for his birthday!

On to other news, Camerans EEG results finally came in actually it was last week but it was a busy week last week. But her test came back normal, no seizures seen. So excited about that. Unfortunately since she has been so sick with this never ending cold she couldnt have her MRI today. So it had to be rescheduled for January. She ended up having to go to the Dr. twice last week for this horrible cough and runny nose but never a temp. They ended up having to switch her antibiotic because the amoxicillin wouldnt work. This new med doesnt seem to be helping much either, her cough isnt occuring as much but it still sounds very wet and nasty. But they say her chest still sounds clear. So I guess its just all sinus stuff. But since she is coughing it would cause her to move during the MRI which you cant do and also since they have to put them to sleep a cold makes there stats read lower and they dont like that so it was a no go. So hopefully since school is fixing to be out she can get well. Seems its going around up there in her class. So 3 weeks out for school should do the trick, she goes on the 12th for her MRI thats the day they start back to school so the timing worked out pretty good. No chance for her to go back to school and pick up another germ before the test....Fingers Crossed!

We've not seen anymore "absent seizures" so hopefully it was nothing. They do however want to check her blood this Friday morning before her GI appointment. Its to check her Depakote levels we've been instructed to not give her any meds before the blood test and just bring them with us and give them to her after the test so they can get an accurate reading. I guess just to know if she is still tolerating it well and if so if a seizure should arrise they can up the med.
Cameran still continues to do so well in school, talking up a storm, she impresses up daily with her skills. So happy to have our Christmas Wish to finally come true and have our girl talking this year and seizure free!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Oh I forgot here is her lovely picks of her pink eye. Poor gal had it in both eyes. I have never seen it personally, so I didnt know what to expect. She was crying pink/red tears I felt so sorry for my girl.

On the 2nd day her eyes where swollen shut took them 3 hours to be able to open them.....Ouchy! That was on her EEG day too that almost got cancelled once we got down there. But they let us go ahead with it since the Peditrician told us not to cancel.

I dont know about you but that hurts my eyes just looking at these!


JSmith5780 said...

3 inches?? I wish we only got snow in that storm Friday. It was an icy MESS here, though I imagine you have seen the pics on my blog by now! I am still cleaning up the mess in the backyard from all the tree branches!

We have about 3 inches on the ground this morning and I was shocked that they delayed school two hours. I think people here are starting to panic with all the bad weather lately. We are expecting more snow Friday and again Sunday. A definite white Christmas for us!

I am SO excited that the EEG was clean. Just keep a close eye on her. Hopefully the absence seizures were just a sign of her getting sick!

Have a GREAT Xmas if I don't talk to you sooner!

Jamie said...

First Karen, thank you for those delicious pink eye pictures! Ive never seen it like that before..I got it once when I used to work at Daycare...ewww!
I breath a sigh of relief for you on camerans clean EEG...oh man! I also laughed pretty hard at that picture of the scared of snow kid! haha no way she was going!
Love that tooth story..lol! my father actually tied a string to my tooth once!
Merry Christmas!!
Illll be in touch :)
ps. 3 inches of snow?? I live in New England! brrrrr!!

Reagan Leigh said...

I am SO happy to hear that her EEG came back free and clear of seizure activity!!! That's just awesome! I know what you mean about the snow! We got some a few weeks ago
(that didn't even stick) and here in Houston there was absolute gridlock on the freeways the next day! Talk about a mess! I love the Santa picture!! What a cute Christmas card!!

Dawson said...

There is nothing greater than a little boy with both of his teeth missing. What great pics. And that one of Cameran in front of the tree..WOW what a beautiful girl she is!! Thanks for sharing those pics and the stories. PRAISE GOD for the clean EEG. We are fortunate to know just how great that feels and we are SO HAPPY for you guys. We celebrate with you in her success. Thank you for all the support you have given us and hope you guys have a very merry Christmas

Kelsey Celeste said...

hey guys! I LOVE the new pics, they are tooo cute!! The toothless pics are precious I remember when Kelsey was toothless and she hated it!! And the snow is BEAUTIFUL!!!
AWWW POOR CAMI her eyes looked terrible, I actually had that crap right around Thanksgiving and have no clue where I got it but it was horrific! Give the kiddos love from us and hope you guys have a GREAT Christmas!!!