Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well its finally here and I made it! The gifts are bought and wrapped and are lying under the tree and I can finally relax and enjoy Christmas Eve and Day! I've baked all day today and cleaned my house so its nothing but rest, love, and relaxation with the family! The kids are so ready, Caleb has been rolling down the days on his Christmas place mat in the kitchen and he was overwhelmed with excitment when he got to move it down to just 1 more day! Cami is just curious to what all these boxes are under the tree but she has been so good and not gotten into them she just browses by and looks with a sparkle in her eye. Cant wait to see their excitment it makes all the Christmas shopping and bad traffic and rude people worth it all! Although Jen I think I would have been outraged at someone smashing in my mirror in a Wal-mart parking lot and not leave a note. You know I've had a car run into my car while trying to park and they kindly left me with white streak marks about a foot long along the left side of my car while I was in the Dr.s office they too just left me with the gift of it and them no where in site....ugghhhhh!!!! Come on people these vehicles arent cheap and its the Holidays, slow down will ya!

Anyhow this season has really flown by and here we are about to approach a new year! Can you believe that?? I mean we are about to celebrate Camerans 4th Birthday in less than 2 months and also approaching is her 2 year seizure free mark! Man I tell ya I just dont know where the time is going to! Oh forgot to blog about her latest. In school they where practicing for their Christmas Program(which sadly got cancelled because of our snow day) but they worked really hard with them on some songs. So they had sent home a letter with the songs for us to work with them on. Well one of them was Jingle Bells...so I started to sing it and my girl shocked me and started to hum the EXACT tune.......WOW, I was impressed. So ask my girl if she can sing Jingle Bells....Why yes she can she might not be able to sing the words but my girl can hum it and thats just as good as anything! She KNEW the tune!
She has also been putting lots of mubo jumbo words together, you never know what you are gonna get but its sure cute to listen to. She really tries to carry on a conversation with you. She has got the I wants down, I want and points to what it is that she is wanting. Her fav word is still ByeBye and Daddy! A new one and its sweet, I asked her the other day if she was hungry and she said UnGee for hungry she siad it over and over. I just love it, huge progress she is making. And it makes Caleb so happy, he'll say momma momma did you hear Cameran she is really talking! I told her to say this word and she said it, I taught her something huh. I LOVE IT!!!! Such excitement here in our home this Christmas!

We wish everyone a warm Christmas, sad we wont be seeing a white one this year but theres always one next year, right?

Merry Christmas!


Jennybell said...

Merry Christmas, we're not having a white Christmas in Ohio either! So sweet to hear Cameran picked up jingle bells. I know the thrill of them just picking up ANYTHING!!!

Dawson said...

Merry Christmas you guys. We just love reading about how well she is doing!! Heres to another year of no seizures, lots of Jingle Bell humming, and learning new things every day. God bless you

Kelsey Celeste said...