Monday, December 08, 2008

No results

Just wanted to drop in and say I still have no results from her EEG. I have called and called and I really am beginning to think those receptionist have no idea what they are doing! I keep getting the run around and the wrong messages relayed and passed to the wrong offices. So folks I give up, I'll just wait till next week when we go in for her MRI to talk with the Nurse in person maybe then we will get somewhere. Man I miss our old Neuro, hes still in residency hes so close to having his office up there. So our countdown is beginning now till we see him again. Hes so fantastic at getting right back with you in minutes time. Man I miss those days, but thankfully we had him full time during her worst time!

Camerans eye this week is much better man did it ever look bad last week.
And this week she has a minor cold consisting of a cough and clear runny nose....ugghhh! Does it ever end? And Caleb well I'm still waiting for his stinking tooth to fall out. The boy wont let me touch it, screams and crys if my hand even gets near his mouth. He would rather go to the dentist and have it pulled maybe I should tell them what they actually have to do to him to get it out....Can you say needle. They did that too him last time to pull his first 2 stubborn teeth but he had no clue. You would think getting $10.00 from the tooth fairy would be enough for him to let me pull it out. Nope he will not budge, so for now we will listen to him whine every time he takes a bite of his food and bite down only on the left side of his mouth in fear that it might fall out....LOL! Kids arent they crazy?


Dawson said...

wow for 10 dollars I would very willingly give up a tooth!! Were feeling you on the whole cold thing. Its bitten us bad this year. Good luck with the tooth pulling. Maybe a middle of the night sneak attack is in order???

JSmith5780 said...

I can't believe you still haven't heard. How frustrating!!

Loved the Xmas cards... mine should be in the mail tomorrow. The background is going to look familiar ;)

Jamie said...

THATS WHAT IM SAYIN!I was lucky with the 5 bucks!
Its so frustrating waiting on the doctors..just keep pushin! The Doc just loves it when I call more than twice in a day! haha hang in there chickadee~