Friday, January 25, 2008

Missed the Observation

Well all this anxiety worked up on the school meeting for Cami and then 4:30 Thursday morning Caleb wakes up with a temp of 102.9 an no other symptoms besides him telling me he had a brain ache...I said a head ache he said "No not my head my brain"....LOL he is so funny. Then come 7:30 he is on the role with a virus that just wiped the little man out! He couldn't keep anything down including meds for the temperature. He was so pale and cried from the belly aches. I called his Pediatrician and they called him some Phenegran that you rub on your wrist to help with his nausea and it did the trick. Thank goodness for that stuff. He ran temp up till 4:30 yesterday so he had to stay home again today! He is back to his old self today still not eating very good though but he will come around. But out of all days it had to be yesterday all these set backs keeps my nerves so worked up! I've sent an e-mail in with them requesting to observe on Monday! SO fingers crossed that no one else comes down with Calebs bug or I'm liable to go crazy of the unknown so close to her transition....Not enough time to prepare! Acckkkkkk

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JSmith5780 said...

Were you able to schedule an observation for today??