Friday, January 04, 2008

Cami's MRI and Blood Work results...

Well yesterday went very well she did end up getting the MRI but I have to say leading up to it she was not happy. She did lots of screaming because she was hungry, tired and wanted to run around by herself. So while we waited for her turn back they gave her some nasal spray stuff to relax her and what is suppose to take 5-10 minutes to work took 25 minutes on her, the nurses couldnt believe the fight she was putting up. Little Stinker, they wouldnt even attempt an IV till we got her back in the MRI room. THey had me sit on the MRI Machine table holding her, by this time she was lots more calm, soon as they put that IV in we heard half a cry and she was out like a that stuff is quick! Her scan lasted about 25 minutes then we got to go back and see her again, we couldnt touch her right off cause they wanted her to sleep it off so she wouldnt wake up screaming mad. So after waking she did really well but she ripped off all the stuff they had attatched to her so we gave her some of her fav cereal and some drink to calm her and they watched her for about 15 minutes and then we where on our way home. Simple enough!
I was shocked to have woke this morning and her Neurologist had already e-mailed me her results they are just all so wonderful!

So here is his e-mail with the results:

Results of the tests.

The Depakote level is 86(normal 50-100) so continuing dosing 125AM and 250PM. This might help with sleep and Dr C is setting appt for you in sleep clinic.

MRI- shows myelination is normal-(normal complete myelination/No significant change or new abnormality).

***So just wait for the sleep appt with DR C and they will likely set up overnight sleep study that may be able to capture some events to determine if these are seizures and to help with sleep problems w/ Cameran.

If we don't capture any events and she continues to have the stiffening and raising of the arms(the thrashing about I'm not so worried about) then we can admit her for a few days to the EMU(Epilepsy monitoring unit) to try and capture some events to see if these are seizures.

Let me know when you complete the sleep study and if you need anytyhing else.


The only thing her Neuro recommended was switiching her meds around giving her 2 pills in the p.m. and 1 in the a.m. we were doing the opposite.

Thank you all for thinking of us during this time, as most know it can be so stressful and it helps knowing you have such good family and friends there lending support.



JSmith5780 said...

so what's up with the lesion?? No change?

Lily Bean said...

Hooray for a good MRI! That's great news!

Hey, I have a few questions for you...first, does Cam still use her fancy bed with the soft walls? I think Lily needs one of those.

Also, before Cami used her helmet, would she bonk her nose? And did the helmet you got help this?? It's time for Lily to have a helmet too.. :(

Anonymous said...

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