Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Way to go Cami!

It has been 3 months since our girl had a seizure! She has been slowly making process over this time but just recently has she put things into high gear! She is almost done with the Klonopin...In fact just 6 more days!!!! Well I have some excellent news to share. Yesterday during her speech class she did something that shocked both her teacher and I. She started playing with the toys in the correct way. The same toys we have been working on for over a year and half and she just now figured them out. It had to be the Klonopin because she has been making progress here and there over the past few months but it has been slow. Then all of a sudden we start weaning the Klonopin and things pick up even faster. And with just one pill a day I swear its like a whole new kid in my house! She is so happy and is so aware of things, making lots of facial expressions. Leaning for things that she wants and choosing from 3 different objects offered, signing for "More" & "Play". She is making GREAT eye contact and actually paying attention when you talk to her.

During her Speech Class she was given a boat with 4 holes in the top, it comes w/ 2 balls. With this toy she would always just watch the balls go down and come out and then grab them once they came out and that was it. Well last week she just started to push the balls down with assistance(she has a thing about her hands being touched normally she screams and yanks them away if you touch them). Well have you know the next Speech Therapy day last week she was pushing them down by herself.
Then yesterday she was holding the 2 balls, one in each hand which she has never done. Normally when she picks something up in her right hand she automatically drops whats in the other hand. But not this time she was holding both the balls and not only that she started placing the balls into the hole and pushed them down all by herself!!!! HOORAY Cami! I could not believe it, she kept doing it over and over and not only that she was alternating the balls. During this session she continued to play with all the toys correctly. We are also working with her decision making, choosing a toy from 3 different kinds. She definitely lets you know which one she wants by waving her arms in excitement. Its the cutest, well enough talking from me here are all the pictures of all the action! Check out her facial expressions!

Here is a one of her favorite toys Mrs Susan brings its Winnie the Pooh kind of like a jack in the box but you push on him several times and he goes down and then he will pop up! Cami loves it! When we took it away from her you can see her arms going up and they are in motion that is her sign for "Play" and then she brought her hands together for "more"! Great job Cami!

Cameran has been sucking her thumb alot lately so that has been another goal is to pull her away from that. Its gonna be a hard task...But baby girl you cant talk with that thing in your mouth all the time! Doesnt help that she is teething right now she is getting her 2 or3 year molars in 1 just popped through last week.

During class she kept trying to sign more with her thumb in her mouth like she is doing with the picture below. We had to change that quick, with 4 of 5 times of Mrs Susan shwoing her the correct way she had it down pact!

Working on hand over hand....Its a working process! Stacking objects is also a goal she can take them off but can not place them on!

Which one would you like to play with Cami?

I dont think she cared for that one too much judging by the look on her face. She has sensory issues...Can you tell?

What a great class, she was following directions, making great eye contact and had a wonderful time!
Today she is super happy and doing some new things we havent seen in a long while. She is shaking her head no and clapping her hands again(one handed still just moves her right hand up and down). Also she is trying to bounce and jump! Keep going baby girl we love these new skills you have!

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