Monday, July 23, 2007

Trying to keep up

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I am trying so hard to keep this blogger up to date. But the days fly by so fast I'm lucky if I get a chance to get on anymore! I have soooooo many pics and updates to do so I'm going to try to get them done this week.....TRY that is! As you will see below Caleb started back to school this week and its been a hectic week getting him ready for first grade! This is also my neice Cheyenne's (Chi) last week here so we are trying to spend our time wisely! I'm super excited that my sister, brother and law and new baby neice will be coming in on Friday! I havent seen them in a while and I know it will be great to have Cami a play mate. Chi's sister Natalie is 8 months old and is more on Camis page far as development only difference is that Cami is more mobile. So they ought to get along great. Cami is doing great still, I'm gonna hold everyone out another day before I tell all the goods she has been doing. She just impresses us everyday! Well that about sums it up for now its been a looooooong day and a crazy one at that! I had one moment of the day where the kids where fighting and carrying on that I called my husband and said make me an appointment to have my tubes tide ASAP!!!! LOL! Just one of those "I need to get out of the house more often WITHOUT the kids"! Jen maybe I should borrow your idea and head out camping for the weekend .......With some friends ....ONLY :0

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JSmith5780 said...

Keep up, who can keep up?? I'm not sure we were entirely meant to!

Let's see, Austin sees a new neuro today. Connor sees the developmental ped (I am hoping for a change in dx) and then all three to the dentist. They are usually pretty good, of course I do pay through the nose for a ped dentist that has tv's attached to the chairs, but ANYTHING to make it easier!

You do need a break, even for an hour or so... just to rbeathe on your own! Tell Jason you NEED it!