Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nature Girl!

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I believe if our little Cami could talk it would be to tell us that she wants to LIVE outdoors! She loves to spend every minute of her time outside exporing whats new or maybe just something she hasnt figured out yet! She has picked up a huge intrest in her Rocket we purchased around Spring and up until a week ago it just sat their collecting spider webs. Well all of a sudden it has become a new favorite of hers. She loves to climb up the slide and then goes in turns the steering wheel a few times looks out the little windows then she is going back up to the slide fixing herself into the correct position and then slides down. Its a great thing that she has accomplished, well just when I had gotten use to her climbing the little slide she took off for the BIGGER slide and it took a few slips but she has now mastered it! It scares me to death when she does it because she has no clue on what to do once she gets up there. She takes a peek around and then BACKS herself down the slide, sliding down on her belly. I have found that she is becoming more cautious of the heights. She now thinks twice before stepping down so maybe her Safety Awareness is kicking in! Also the steps at our backdoor, 4 of them, well she has no problem going up or down them by herself now. But the big tall stairs she still has problems with, I think she might have a fear of heights like her Mama!!!!
Cameran is doing so great I just know any day she will brake out of that little shell of hers and just blow us away at what she can do. Still NO babbling or talking but she is making the raspberries sound again!
I am posting some pictures below of her playing outside the other day. The ones of her at the playhouse was so amusing to me. It has a door on it but she still will not use it to go in. She will open and close the door but will NOT walk through it. She would rather take the harder way in, Guess you can say she likes a CHALLENGE....take a look!

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We are so proud of you little Doodle Bug! Keep exploring and you will be on the right track before you know it!
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Cameran has been without seizures for 13 weeks and is still going strong. We are finally rid of the Klonopin which was the best thing for her, maybe she can think more clearer with it gone. We will wait another month or two before weaning her off the Keppra that will leave us with the Depakote alone!!!! It has been 2 years since Cami has been on JUST 2 meds....Its such a great feeling to see those things gone. The Keppra and Klonopin she has been on since the beginning of her I.S. the Depakote is her most recently added and the one that turned out to be the med for her. Anyone know how often you get their blood checked while on it? He says we will try to wean her off the Depakote as well around age 3 depending on how she is doing! Other news, we are working on some more inserts for Camis little feet that are still pretty wobbely mainly at her ankles. They will be pretty much like her 1st pair but a little different. Her new PT class is going great she is really working our baby girl, but she sure misses all those sweet lovins she got from Mrs. Katie and Stephanie! As far as OT we havent started with her new teacher yet which she will be coming here twice a week, which is nice. We also have a new service coordinator so lots of changes! Maybe with these new changes will bring better things for our little Cami!

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JSmith5780 said...

YAY, Still SF and only 2 meds! So awesome! I think you check bloods once a month on depakote! But not 100% positive.