Thursday, May 17, 2007

6 weeks seizure free!

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
Its about getting out there & dancing in the rain!
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Well another week has passed and still no seizures and what a great feeling that is!
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Cameran is just doing wonderfully even some new noises coming in. I have to say I become impatient at times as I wait to hear me babys 1st words "Again" I can almost just picture that angelic voice in my head. Saying "Mama" or a sentence "I want milk please" or "Will you play with me" or the big one "I love you"!
She started this week by making a weird whining noise that has turned into a long moan or singing if you will but all monatone! Today I've heard some other sounds in it I just know she is trying to tell me something by the look on her face. Its so hard to describe the sound but its just beautiful.

I havent heard a peep out of her for about 2 months, well since those other seizures kicked in and boy did they do their damage quickly. She was making ma and da sounds and then they exited quickly but that wasnt the 1st time. We have seen many things come and go through the past 2 years and a frusterating 2 that has been but not for me but for my baby! I will always wonder if she knew what was going on because at times it just seemed as though she was so far away, just staring off so doped up on meds and days filled full of seizures! How is one to think? Cameran is still on many meds but she is much more aware so was it the seizures or was it the meds that had her so zoned! Either way I can happily say it is a thing of the past and I hope they never return!!!!
My thoughts and prayers are with the parents and children that struggle with these same everyday things. Our hearts go out to you through the hard and happy times! Hope you all will continue to stop in and check on Cameran we think of you all as family!
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Kelly said...

Love the pic...

...and of course, the continuing good news!

JSmith5780 said...

SIX WEEKS!!! So happy to hear it.

Kelsey Celeste said...