Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a gorgeous 3 day weekend and a very Happy Easter!
We are doing great here on our end just got back Sunday from Gatlinurg where we camped at Yogi Bears Jellystone campground for a week and the kids loved it. We picked a site right on the creek and man was the sound beautiful. The kids spent the days throwing rocks and sticks in the creek. We where on the back side where there was a mini trail they would run their dump trucks up and down stopping picking up sticks to throw in the creek....Fun stuff! They had movies going every night and Saturday was packed full of activities that they really enjoyed. 1st was craft where they made cute little foam signs that said Welcome Spring, they really enjoyed putting them together. 2nd was a YooHoo chug Yummo...surprise on us that it had to be chugged with a itty bitty coffee straw...Caleb made the hugest mess. They had a few that we skipped...A pie eating contest and then an Ice Cream scoop gathering. We took a drive up to Clingmans Dome to see the beautiful views then came back just in time to play Candybar bingo where we won twice well Cami's card did she won like 10 candybars because she won the black out card. Come dark we hit a hayride with Yogi bear and Caleb was all giggles and Cami was frozen like a statue. After the hayride they turned on the movie on the evening which was some oldies...nothing better than some Yogi Bear cartoons, talk about make you feel old. Caleb said was this made back in the old days when you where little...LOL!
Wish I could say the trip was relaxing but when you have kids there is no such word....teehee! We had our worries of course with the creek those rocks where enough to put anyone on edge. Cami and her daddy both slipped and fell in a few times so we where on guard at all times. Then of course they had Camerans favortie sport....Basketball, that girl LOVES it! Everytime she heard someone bounicng that ball she went nuts screaming and hollaring wanting to play so we went on a hunt to find her a ball. All we could find was a soccer ball and for her that was not good enough. We got to hear that fuss all week so we will never ever go camping with out her basketball again. Soon as we pulled in our driveway she was out in the circle playing her basketball.....ahhhhhh quite time atlast! She has one in the house and she is for sure gonna be our future star. She bounces the ball cathes it and throws it in the hoop everytime.....Go Cami!
She is also a good car rider but this go round was not the case, she was not having it. Five minutes into any ride she started the whinning wanting out of her seat......STRESS! I'm so buying me some ear plugs next trip...LOL!
We've bought them dual monitors that hang on the seat to keep them entertained but for my Cami its not the case she doesnt care anything for T.V. And a bag of toys she can go through in a matter of minutes so I need some ideas folks. I try holding out toys she hasnt had in a while but this girl you cant keep her attention long, very short attention span!
This week we had belly Dr appts. Hers was on Wednesday they thought her belly felt much softer. But went ahead with another x-ray to see how things are looking. Sure enough girly had a moderate size of bowel backed up again. They said not as much as last time but a pretty good amount. So again we are doing more clean outs she is doing good so far.
I went for my gallbladder, we discussed options. He said if the pain got worse that he would take it out while I'm pregnant said its safe and said he has done many that where pregnant. Cant go through the belly button but would instead go right above where your gallbladder is located and do the laser surgery. I've not had an attack like the first time so right now we are gonna leave things be unless the pain arises again! Said it will have to come out as I have multiple stones and if one got stuck in one of the tubes it can cause major problems being pancrantitis. So he said after the baby comes and things have gone well he will take it out a few weeks after the birth. Yippeee for me....blahhhh!
Baby is doing good lots of movement going on at 17 weeks. We should be having an ultrasound in a few weeks where we have decided not to find out this go round. Oh the suspense...but for me its not so bad I've got one of each so I'm okay not knowing! Caleb wants to know so bad and still wonders what we will name it. We havent even thought about names yet I've got a few in mind but nothing we've discussed. The last Dr appt the woman told me what she thought it was by the heartbeat....I just wanted to scream NOOOOOO after she had already said it. But I'm keeping that all to myself and we shall see if her guess is right come September ;) I rememeber them doing that with Caleb and Cameran but I cant remember if it was right or not.

Things are starting to pick up around here as school is coming to an end. Thats right just 6 more weeks of school I believe. Man where is the time going? Caleb will be a 3rd grader!!!! And Cami she has just 1 more year of Pre-K then she is off to Kindergarden......sniff sniff :(
Next week is the big testing week at his school they have been practicing all week for it. I hope it goes well for him as they tend to stress out about it but the scores are more so for the teachers. To see if what they are teaching is level appropriate and how they took in the information. He seems to be doing great, hes in the top reading group and spelling group....This boy LOVES school. Gets sad every time he has to leave. I'm glad he enjoys learning!
Cami too, every time we pass her school she says I wanna play! She really loves it lots, such a great group of teachers they both have.
Well thats about all I have right now theres a bad storm fixing to brew through so I better get off. I'll post pics later.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

It is so wonderful to read about all of Cami's new developments. I am so happy for you all. And congratulations on being pregnant (I can't remember if I ever told you that). I know that things are never relaxing on vacation when you have kids but it sounded like you had a lot of fun. Makes me want to go back to Gatlinburg...what a gorgeous place to visit.

JSmith5780 said...

Car rides- magna doodle, etch a sketch, they make a car water doodle, a magnet board and letters/ shapes, etc. Do they make a small b-ball hand game that might be simple enough. My boys don't have a clue how to play but LOVE Nintendo DS. USe a car seat tray ( and think of other table top options.