Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad weather!

Well we survied the tornados here in Murfreesboro but there was much damage done. One big hit the northern part of our town and it was a copmlete wipe out. It was a huge tornado, not sure the size yet. My hubbys firedept is just a mile from where it hit. He had to run out to the damaged areas during the middle of the storm where he said homes and businesses where leveled. Just 20 minutes later another batch came through and it hit out here by our home. I got pictures of it as it was forming in front of us. It ended up tearing up 5-6 homes just down the road from us. I know crazy right me out taking pictures, oh the adrenaline.....Not really I was scared out of my wits! Thankfully we are all ok. They have only accounted 2 deaths so far, 7 critical and 40 that went to the hospital with injuries. Heres the pictures I captured!

Please say prayers for these families on this Easter Weekend!


JSmith5780 said...

SO glad you are all ok. As soon as I heard where it was I thought of you and hoped you were all safe and sound. Instead, crazy you, were outside taking pictures!!! How sad about the mom and her little baby!

Dawson said...

we had some wicked weather that day as well here in North Alabama. Nothing like that though. That is some scary looking stuff right there. Or as we say in the south.... " It sounded like a train a commin!!!" lol

So glad you guys made it through ok