Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Well Cami has been back at school for 2 weeks now and she is doing great. She has a new teacher this year and I love her she is so open! So different from her last teacher. We actually get to walk into the room when we drop her off and have a short conversation everyday and she is open to me dropping by anytime to observe....Its fantastic! Where was she last year????

Cami seems to do great with her and the new helpers. I swear she comes home every week with new words. This week its Papa, Go, Doga(dog)and WOWA(wow). Yeah she puts an "A" on the end of everything but its the cutest. She knows who Doga is she runs to his cage every morning and every evening once out of school to tease him and of course he pays her back with a lil snip here and there. Its a special bond :)

They are really working hard with her this year, pushing her to her full potential and I think it is working. She comes home very tired and passes right out for a nap, so mama knows my girl is giving it her all. Her sign language is also getting much better and more consistent. I was so impressed with her today when I took her to school. She took her backpack to the back and put it in the cubby next to hers(close enough). Then she walked around the corner grabbed her activity sticker off her chart took it to that area stuck it on there and then grabbed her puzzle! Hooray Cami thats fantastic work baby girl!

She has a little bit of a cold this week so she has been a little more fussy with them so she is off to the Dr. Thursday since she has been super moody and clingy here. Could just be all the changes. But she is also going for a possible side effect to the Neurontin. Shes been overheating alot here lately and thats just 10-15 minutes into the outside time and the late afternoon time at that. Her whole body, arms, legs and face turn beat red. I check her temp and its 100 degrees. So we come in let her cool down for 30 minutes and her temp goes back to normal. Very strange! School reported the same behavior yesterday but instead they where in the gym playing she became red and fussy! So I called Vandi and they requested me to take her to her PCP! So we shall see whats going on, hopefully its nothing.

We got her Depakote levels back this week also and the score was 106 so not to bad but its over, its suppose to 50-100. Shes had a much higher reading before so things are ok, her liver looked really good! We did try upping her Neurontin like requested to 4ml a night but it didnt work out. She made it to 3ml fine but once we reached 4ml she oddly started waking and crying out during the middle of the night again like she use too! She is so sensitive to these meds and I have no idea why....ugghhhh!


Now on to Caleb! Man does this boy love school and his teacher. They are working hard in reader and writer workshops. They write storys everyday to share with the class and he has so much to tell. They just did their first project this week. They had to do a poster of "All About Me" using pics of their favorite things to do, eat, family members, animals ect....! His turned out super duper cute! I'm so proud of him and hey No tears this year....not a single one! Now mommy gets to cry...sniff..sniff, my boy is growing up!

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