Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to School

Well summer for us is over and the kids have started back to school this week. It seemed like a really short 6 weeks of summer break but I guess its because we where in the Go Go Go mode! The kids had a fantastic summer and we did lots of camping.
I tell you Caleb looks like he grew a couple inches this summer and Cami.... the girl has really put her development in 1st gear. She has been babbling up a storm and has given us a few new words.
She started saying Dada a few days before Fathers Day which was a wonderful gift for her Daddy. She also has been saying Nana and NoNo. Now those N sounds come and go she will never say it when you want her to. But if you get our new puppy around her and he corners her that is the only time you will hear her say to him NoNo..its so funny...She cant stand that dog...LOL!
Another word she is saying is Quit and it goes Qqqqqqquitttttt she really drags out the the first Qu sound its cute and what a great word. She also is using some G and L sounds. Well yesterday was her 1st day back to school and she loves it. I think she actually remembered it she was so excited when I pulled out her lunch box she grabbed it off the counter went to the door and was knocking on the door ready to leave. When I pulled up to the school she had so much excitement she could barely contain herself. I got her out and she was pulling me to the side door. She is in a new room this year and has a new teacher I was a little worried about starting with someone new but she doesn't seem to mind. They say she has had a great 2 days. Now on her 1st day I went to pick her up and she came running up to me giving me love as soon as she saw me...I love that she does that now. One of the teachers told me she said a new word and I was thinking it was probably one that she learned this summer but No it was a new one and I have to tell you I was shocked but they say she said "Car" she said they kept saying it over and over and Cami finally said it! Now we haven't been able to get her to say it here at home lil stinker!


Some other things she has really taken off on is pretend play. We play kitchen and 2 weeks ago she brought me a bowl and spoon and was stirring it. SO cute because she does it real fast that it wears her out. Then last week we had a lil tea party in her room with my mom and she was pretend drinking and then go Ahhhh after every sip. And then she would pretend stir and then take bite and go Mmmmmm. I LOVE IT!!!! Everything she would see us do she would do the same. Earlier in the summer we noticed her copying at summer time every time I wiped my mouth after a bath she would do the same and then place it back into her lap. These little things she is doing is just so impressive to me because it feels like it happened over night.

I love seeing her recognizing family members and actually interact with them a little bit its not a whole lot but its a change. A new favorite is when she sees her Daddy pull up she runs to the front living room window saying Dada the whole way. Then she watches and waits for him to get out of the car and then runs to the hallway waiting for him to come in saying dada dada dada the whole way. She loves her daddy and it really pulls at him that she has reached such a huge milestone of putting a name with a face! Its wonderful! Such huge changes to come and we cant wait!!!!!

Now as for Caleb my boy has really grown up. He was so excited to start school as a Big 2nd grader. I just cant get over that I'm fixing to have a 7 year old....Slow down lil man! He is loving is classroom and his wonderful teacher! We where blessed again to get the best one of the 3! So we are looking forward to another great year of school. Oh and I tell you my big boy has not shed one tear this year yet. Guess it gets better with age last year he cried every morning for 2 weeks not wanting to let go of me once in the school. This year hes walking in by his self....Sniff Sniff!

Now on to other things. Cami has a 6 month check-up at the Neuro and I just love that number. For so long we where going every 2-4 weeks and now here she is walking into the hospital without a helmet, stroller, inserts on her feet and has a clear EEG! She really has come so far. They where impressed to see how far she has come. We asked about lowering the dosage of her Depakote and they say she is actually doing that on her own since we haven't changed the dosage in a year and she is growing in size so she is weaning herself. They really don't want to take it down a pill at least for another year. She goes back in January and will have to have a EEG before that appointment. They have to make sure she has to have another EEG before coming off the Depakote. They then talked to us about her sleeping and how the new med is going. She seemed to be getting use to it again so they doubled the dose and she is sleeping even better.
Well I think that about raps it up, again sorry I haven't posted in forever but it was a fast going crazy fun summer! Hope you all are having a good one!

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I am SO glad to hear about all of Cami's progress. That is fabulous!!