Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time is flying by!

My goodness how time flys before we know it, Christmas will be here. I cant believe its almost September and in just 20 short days I will have a 7 year old. Make me feel old that boy is growing up way to fast. Cami too shes 3.5 years old and has gotten so tall. I was trying to figure out what size she was going to be in and found it to be a 4 already, she has the longest legs! This girl is gonna pass her brother up at the speed she is going. She comes up to his chin and they are 3 years apart not to mention she is only 7 pounds behind him. So Caleb you better watch out and start eating some Wheaties ;)

These kids of mine are so wonderful and are such huge helps. Cami is soaking it all in. She is constantly watching her brother and then repeats what he does. She loves to help with laundry, putting the clothes in the washer, dryer and then in the basket. And the fact that she understands to put those things in the correct place says alot. They both are just so amazingly sweet! They are getting along alot better because she can understand more. Often you will see them in her room playing kitchen, chasing each other with cars, playing with chalk outside, riding scooters together, he likes to drive her around outside in the Jeep and she just eats up the attention.

She continues to do well with her speech making more sounds every week. This week its Kkkkkkkkk she says this for Caleb, Wow and UhOh. She has gotten very good at repeating the sounds we make to her. Her sounds are Hi, Hiyo(hello), Nana, Papa, Dada, Mama, Quit, Wow, UhOh(when she falls down), Bye, Bubba, Gaga, Lala, Ssssss ans she has started with a new noise that sounds like an elephant. It took me a while to figure out where she found that noise then one day her daddy blew his nose and yep you guessed it that's exactly what it sounds like.....an elephant....LOL!

And Caleb he is loving 2nd grade more and more everyday. His favorite subject is Writers Workshop. Everyday they get to write stories of things they have done. She is teaching them about what an Anchor sentence is. Correcting them on punctuating and correct capitalization how to put more details in their story and such. SO that is one of their main focuses write now. They are also being tested on their reading skills. A-Z is the scores A being the lowest Z being the highest. Caleb is an I most of the kids in his room are at a B-D so he is doing great. I is actually what level 2nd graders are suppose to be on so hes right on target. Guess all those chapter books this summer paid off, he loves to read! Another favorite of his is their Special Areas he loves the Tech Lab(Science) last week they learned all about Microscopes he thought that was the coolest. Its gonna be a great year for him!

Now to the last bit of news. I picked Cami up from school today where they told me that she signed "Cameran is a Girl" all by herself! I'm am so proud of my baby girl!!!! Some other signs they are working on with her are: color, red, one, chicken, horse, cow and duck. So far I've only gotten red out of her but its a great start. She does love her school and has gotten their routine down perfectly she just amazes me everyday.

Now she did however through a good fit for her teacher today because they couldn't go outside so they had to play in the gym due to rain. She said once in there she played great with the scooters(her favorite) but once they had to leave she didn't want to so she pitched a huge fit and she wouldn't walk. And of course this all took place right before lunch so it says she wouldn't eat and was in fact throwing her hot dog. Guess we all have those days....lol!

All the pics in this post are of Cami in her favorite day wear, her snow white dress. She wants to wear this thing all the time. The giraffe mask came from her Dentist office at her last appt a few weeks ago. She did not do well that visit. I told them she bites I don't think they believed me and then on top of that I explained to them that if she does bite and you tell her to open her mouth she will not understand.....did they listen....NO! She bit that woman so hard and would not let go....I warned them! Needless to say they did not even attempt an x-ray but said her teeth looked good from what they saw, no cavities from the peek they got when she screamed....LOL. Caleb said why does Cami scream at them the dentist is fun. Man if he could just have seen the size of that needle they stuck in his gums to pull his teeth he wouldn't be thinking that! Gotta love those Dentist, Dr.'s and Nurses, troopers they are!

And heres there Sweet when they wanna be sweet pics ;)

He loves kissing her hand just like one of their bedtime stories "The Kissing Hand" Sweet little guys arent they?

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