Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer break

Today was the kids 1st day of their summer break! I now have me a big ol 2nd grader and I couldnt be more proud of my lil man, he did really good this year and we where blessed with such a wonderful teacher! He got chosen to be a weather man or news reporter for their morning school videoed news for the 2008-2009 school year and he is super excited about that and I cant wait to see it myself, since he tends to be on the major shy side so it ought to be interesting. But hey it might bring him out of his shell a little more.

As for Cami she is on the same schedule as Caleb and thats and all year round school so she will start back at her Preschool when he does and thats on July 21st. They get 6 weeks off. She will NOT be having any services this summer, they told me they only offer speech and it would be at another school and is only offered for 4 weeks. We will be gone on vacation for 2 of those weeks so I decided not to do it. SO I instead loaded myself up on the signs they really are wanting her to do and have them posted in the kitchen so I can work on them with her everyday. I pray she doesnt regress!
Oh speaking of signing it brings me to the big news of the week, Cami signed her 1st sentence to me 2 nights ago. We where sitting at the table eating supper and she signed to me "Mama, All Done" I about fell over and was overwhelmed with excitement for my girl. She is finally getting it and maybe she will start communicating to me this way instead of me trying to figure out her different whining. I'm so proud of my girl I know this is the start of many great things :)

Now to the sleeping med I have to say I was about to give up but once we upped it she has done wonderful. She usually falls asleep around 10ish then we put her in her bed and she actually sleeps there until 6:30am its been wonderful having the bed all to ourselves! I sometimes here her moving around but its not alot like it use to be and I dont think the tossing and turning is waking her up because if it did she would be in bed with us so I hope this too is a new beginning!
Yesterday in fact with her having such a great night sleep and a 2 hour nap she was in the best mood just happy as she could be and signing away. So maybe the sleep issues where holding her back!
Well thats about all I have right now! I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and enjoy the kids while they are out we have many camping trips planned out, boating, fishing, Aquarium trip and library activities which Caleb loves and just trying to keep them entertained for 6 weeks. So Happy Summer breaking :)


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JSmith5780 said...

I want 6 weeks off!!!

That is awesome that Cami signed a sentence... give her a big hug from all of us!