Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How shes doing?

Well seems she tolerated the med well and had a very peaceful sleep from 9:30-3:45, man that was great! She didn't do any of the jumping and flipping around when I got her down so that was nice. After 3:45 she was back to her normal flipping and flopping and crying out but man I was just excited that she got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I hope it continues!!!! She did however have a foggy morning of this .....LOL, poor gal her body will adjust in a few days!

I got her report in the mail here's what it says.

Camerans test showed no evidence of obstructive sleep apnea(hypopnea index= 0.3, normal is less than 1). The total number of breathing disturbances per hour was elevated above the normal(2.1; normal is less than 1), but a majority of these events were "central" apnea's, which are normal, particularly during REM sleep. The minimum oxygen saturation was 85%, though this was an isolated reading. The number of awakenings or "arousals" throughout the night was 21 per hour (arousal index+21.3). She had a decreased amount of stage 3/4 or "deep" or "delta wave" sleep.

It says the next step is to start her on gabapentin(Neurontim), a seizure medication that we often use for patients with an increased number of "spontaneous" awakenings. It is used at a lower dose than if used to control seizures and seems to improve sleep quality and increase the amount of Stage 3/4 sleep. Start the medication at 50mg nightly. Increase the dose to 100mg nightly after one week if you feel Cameran is tolerating it and it seems to be helping. Follow up with progress.


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