Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just me being me.....

SO we have upped the med to 2mls now and she seems to be sleeping a little better but is still waking during the night not really sure how often though I've not been sleeping well so when I do sleep its a hard sleep! Why you may ask and that will lead me into the story of me just being me....a very paranoid person....LOL!


Well this will take us back till 2 Mondays ago. I of course was home alone that night with the kids it was Jason's night at the fire dept. And as I always say things always happen when he is away. Well here's the story our house alarm went off at 12:45 a.m. just 30 minutes after I fell asleep. Me of course very alarmed jumps out of the bed runs to the other end of the house grabs Caleb and the telephone and locks ourselves in Camis room! My heart is racing a hundred miles an hour just thinking that I probably just ran through where this person was to get to my kids but I didn't care my kids safety was 1st thing on my mind.

So the alarm continues going off for about 10 minutes then shuts off. I'm trying to remain quiet as possible then pick up the phone and try dialing out and you guessed it no dial tone panic has now overcome me but I'm not letting it show to Caleb....Cami is still sound asleep. So I think ok well the alarm people will call the police so just wait and stay calm. Well 30 minutes later there we still sit. Caleb at this point is wondering why I have woken him up and is ready to go back to bed, I say no because we are fixing to go out the window then I look up and see the baby monitor sitting there turned on.....Crud whoever may or may not be in the house just heard my idea so I go over and turn it off. Then open the window push out the screen grab Cami hand her to Caleb said don't move. I jump out the window which if I'm standing outside lets just say its over my head and I'm 5'9. Anyhow I say hand me Cami and I then grab him and off I run like a mad woman barefoot with two kids in my arms to our neighbors who is a cop. That's when the tears started to flow, I was scared outta my mind!
I don't know what they where thinking having someone beat on their door that early in the morning but they answer the door call the cops 2 minutes later there where 3 cars flying up at my house. They get out run around the house guns and flashlights drawn searching the outside. They say clear and call me over asked me if I was the one who came out the window I say yes. They asked me what happened I tell them. They asked me if I had a key to get back in.
Now that's when I wanted to say real smart like, "Yeah right here with my purse and cell phone". But I said no and that my husband was at work and they asked me how I was going to get back in? At that point that wasn't even a concern to me!!!! They said we can go get a key from your husband or you can go in back through the window. Where I then say "You can go in through the window but I'm not" so they do and search the inside everything was clear.
Ok as of now the whole neighborhood of dogs is going nuts, we have 4 next door to us and yes I do have a dog and where you might ask was she. Well she was in the back yard laying in her dog house, the cop shined his flashlight back there and she just looked up at him then layed back down...What a guard dog!!!
Well I couldn't get over the shakes so me and the kids stayed at my in laws for the remainder of the night which by now it was 3am. Ok so next morning we get home when Jason gets in from work and he calls the alarm company. They said they see where it went off and it was because our phone went out causing it to set off but they don't call anyone for that reason. Ok so what if someone cuts out lines???? Hello what the heck are we paying these people for? We have had this alarm company for 6 years now and they call if our electricity goes out from a storm so why not for the obvious? And what really got Jason is how they didn't even call his cell phone like they are suppose to when it goes off. Maybe had that have happened I wouldn't have had to go out the window because he would have been in route to us! Uggghhhhhh!

Well I kept the kids home that day because we where up all night so we slept most of the day away. Then I get up to take a bath and while removing my sweatshirt I noticed my arm was hurting I look down and I have the hugest bruise on my right arm I'm guessing from my leap out the window. Then I notice that I have small bruises all over the bottoms of my feet from running barefoot through the rocks. Guess my adrenaline was running that I didn't even notice I got hurt!

Super Mom....LOL....I didn't know I had it in me but when it comes to my kids anythings possible!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Oh my goodness!!! That story gave me chills. I have nightmares about that...I can't even imagine if something actually like that happened to me. You are so brave!

JSmith5780 said...

What a night! I can't even imagine. The worst part is, my kids windows are high on the wall, we wouldn't be able to even get out them I don't think. Or if I did, I couldn't get the kids out of them.

So glad all is okay. I think I'd be having a chat with a higher up at the alarm company!!