Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who's that girl in the mirror....

Mirror....Mirror on the wall, Who's the sweetest girl of them all?
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This past Tuesday, Camerans teacher Mrs. Christy brought a mirror for her to play with. Her reaction was just the cutest, she was nothing but smiles! Before when we would try to get her to look at herself I guess it was too much stimulation for her because she would look away! I love these pictures!!!

Cameran is doing just fantastic! Still no seizures in almost 3 weeks and its been a great 3 at that! She is just coming more and more "awake" if you will. I'm sure once we get her off a few of the other meds she will be a new kid!

Where the baby go?


Giving herself kisses!

More lovins....Thats a sweet baby mommy!

Seeing herself and touching her face in the mirror.....I love that Baby!

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teci said...

Wow. I'm so inspired seeing your overwhelming love and support for Cam :) She is truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. May your tribe increase :) God bless!