Thursday, March 30, 2006

Increased Seizures... Incresed Meds....

Yummy Sucker..... This was Cameran's ist sucker and she loved it......But what a sticky mess it made ;-0
We have been doing some alterations on Camerans medicines trying to add more mg to get better results and so far no changes. About 2 weeks ago we upped her Zonegran to an extra 25 mg totaling 125mg a day that didn't work so we upped her Klonopin to another .25mg totaling it to .75mg a day it too has shown not to work. Everyday her seizures have just increased more frequently and in intensity!
So what we are trying now is upping the Topamax another 15mg equaling it out to 65mg a day, we will see how this goes, she starts it tomorrow night. If this dose doesn't work we have room to grow so we will go that route until reached full dosage to see what happens if she shows to not tolerate the increase we will have to back off and try a new med. This will be Vigabatrin! She has her 4th EEG on the 14th and results to follow and we will discuss the ordering process and where to go from there.
These 3 meds is all that she is currently on: Zonegran, Klonopin and Topamax.

I love my new Fridge Farm.... Cameran totes this thing everywhere its her favorite toy right now!! Its the cutest and best learning toy of animals and their sounds! Gotta love Leap Frog.

Check out Baby Girls Belly... The girl is enjoying her food and on this night she ate so much she was having problems breathing, she didn't know when to stop.... And actually when I put her down from her chair she was trying to eat food she dropped on the floor. Her belly was so swole and she grunted every time she bent over it was so funny :-)
She actually has been doing so well that yesterday after eating class they thought they would weigh her and she has gained a pound making her weigh 20.6 pounds!! WooHoo Cameran, we just hope the upped Topamax doesn't ruin all this progress she has made!

Cameran and her Big Bubby Caleb.... They are loving this Spring weather!!!!

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Kelly said...

Yes...suckers+baby=bath in our house!

Hang in there Karen....y'all will find what works.....just hang in there.