Friday, December 23, 2005

Speech And Development!

Cameran's Speech and Development Evaluations! 12-23-05

Cameran's evaluations are in! The scores are as follows:
Auditory Comprehension she is at a 0-4 Month Age with a 60% Delay!
Expressive Communication she is at a 0-1 Month Age w/ 90% Delay!
Total Language is 0-2 Months of age which has her at a 80% Delay!
Her laughing ,smiling and such skills are at a 5 month level.
Her adaptive skills (feeding herself ect.) is at a 4 month level.

We were completely thrown off my all this but knew there were delays just not to this extent!

Her Evaluation Findings were as follows:
Behavior: Cameran is a sweet and active little girl! Cameran did not present as a social child. She preferred to play on her own and rarely acknowledged that adults were in the room(minimal eye contact, no response to voices). If stood in your lap she made eye contact and focused on the person more, but did not tolerate being "cuddled" she would try continuously to get out of the adults lap. Her attention span when playing was short (average of 1 minute per toy or task).

Cameran's speech/language skills are found to be profoundly delayed. She only produces ones sound (grunt-like sound) for all communication needs. Mom reported that even before the spasms began Cameran rarely cried. She would mainly grunt when she needed something. As stated above Cameran did not respond to voices. In order to gain her attention you had to shake a toy. Cameran was unable to follow age appropriate directions and unable to identify age appropriate vocabulary (including mom). If handed a toy she would hold it in one hand and suck her thumb on her other hand.

It is recommended that Cameran receive speech/language therapy 2x/wk to address the following goals:
1. Increase production of cooing and babbling (with age appropriate speech sounds)
2. Increase ability to recognize voices
3. Improve age appropriate receptive language skills.
4. Respond to age appropriate words and phrases (including own name)
5. Participate in simple age appropriate games.

Cameran's 1st appointments will begin January 4th at 3:00 they will becoming to our home which is wonderful. We will keep you all update on how it goes.

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