Friday, December 30, 2005

A New Year!

Cameran has her New Years resolution on the go with being Seizure Free for 7 days now!!! It was the best Christmas present ever! She was started on a new med called Topamax last week and it showed to be too much for her. She became very lethargic not responding to us or noises, refused to eat and started running a temp of 100.9. So we contacted the on call Pediatric Neuro where we were instructed to stop the med immediately. She has to stay hydrated on this med to avoid Kidney Stones and she would not drink nor eat. We pulled her off of it Friday, Dec 23rd, after only being on it for 2 days, we could already see a difference in the seizures that had increased and by Friday they were back down to 12 then Saturday she only had 2 and Christmas was the 1st seizure free day. Thank you baby girl! It still baffels the Dr. that she became seizure free even though we stopped the med. Wednesday our Neuro called and said he wanted to start her back on the Topamax at an even lower dose because we need to get her off the Klonopin as its not a long term med and can be very addictive. So we started it that night and she has done much better this time round. Her appetite has increased and she hasn't been to sleepy. We really hope things continue down this path! Its a new year and we won't except anything but the best for Cameran! We are anxiously awaiting her EEG appointment to see any improvements. Just a reminder it is Jan. 20th at 8:30am followed by Neuro appt at 4:00pm. Cameran's 1 st Birthday is fast approaching can you believe it our baby girl will be 1 years old on February 7th. We can't wait to see her Dig into her 1st cake! ;-0

Keep up the good work Cameran! Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother Caleb love you!

Here's to a Happy, Healthy, Seizure Free- New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!


dory hickey said...

God has surely given you a Christmas blessing! What a wonderful site you have vreated for your little honey, and might I say that she is beautiful! She should be a model! Our family will pray for a seizure free new year for your family too!
Dory & Carter (from the IS group)

JSmith5780 said...

Karen- I didn't know Cameran's b-day was February 7th! My twins turn two that day. We will be sure to send out birthday wishes for a healthy 2nd year of life for Cameran.
Jen mom to Austin (IS group)