Wednesday, December 14, 2005

4th Month

Cameran's seizures are continuing to go back up in numbers again they are now in the 20-25 range forming in clusters like before and just as hard. Her Neuro requested a blood test Monday, Dec. 19th and it came back normal. This was required before they start her on the new Medicine, Topamax. See Camerans Medicine file for side effects and such. She is to start out on a very small dosage going up 1/2 a dose once a week until she is at 2 pills a day. She will be at full dosage at her next appt. Jan 20th where we will see if there are any changes on her EEG. They will start Cameran's weaning from the Klonopin at that visit so shes not on so many meds. We have lost the small babbling she had picked up and she is no longer responding to her name anymore. Her Speech Evaluation went as expected she did not respond to most things tested on. They are questioning her hearing as she doesn't respond to mommy's voice or anyone's for that matter only really loud noises. We were told Cameran is at a 5 month level on most things and some things even further back. She will start her Development Classes here at home January 5th and her Speech we are still awaiting the results but were told she would qualify since she doesn't babble
Cameran is 10 months now and is still having about 15-20 Head Drops a day. The Klonopin seems to be the medicine that has had best effect over the seizures but the Dr.'s worry that soon it will stop working for her. They say most will start showing a tolerance for the med after a couple of months. Cameran was down to like 2-8 a day but recently has gone back up but not by much. We hope this continues to work for her but no there are no guarantees.
On Tuesday, Dec. 7th Cameran had her 1st Development Evaluation. She says she looks great in the Motor Skills: crawling, sitting up, pulling up, standing unassisted and is taking 1-2 steps already. Go Cameran!!! But will need work else where. She does NOT poke, clap, bang things together, look for hidden objects, play peek-a-boo, hold her bottle(working on it) and shows no stranger anxiety. They also show concern on her knowing who mommy and daddy are. They asked if she will respond when we say "Where's Mommy, or go get Daddy" and she does not. We know our little girl knows who we are as she gives us the biggest grins when we walk in to the room but we don't believe she knows us by name(mommy/daddy)! She will get there as she is showing us new things weekly. Bigger Smiles and lots of Giggles. She had her 1st Hearing Test on Monday, Dec. 12 where she was such a good girl. She passed the Inner Ear Test but her Ear Drums didn't respond like they should(slightly)! They also put Cameran and I in a chamber like room together her in a high chair me in a chair in front of her. They would do small noises and loud noises in speakers to her left and right. She would only respond to the loud noises but then stopped all together as she wanted out of the chair. So she is to go back for another testing in March.
Her Speech Evaluation is Friday, Dec. 16th so I will update all that this weekend.

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