Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bed for Sale

We have decided to sale Camerans bed. She has been seizure free for over a year now and is sleeping better than ever at night times. So we have decided to let it go. If there is anyone out there in need please e-mail me at

The bed is a Pediacraft Canopy Bed heres the website where you can view more:

We've had the bed since February of 07 so a little over a year. It zips on all four sides and has padded sides that lift up and down on the 2 long sides. The bed is white and has a pink heart bedskirt that can be removed its attatched by velcro. So if someone has a boy just know it can be removed. It is a twin size I have regualr twin size sheets on the bed. It came with 6 fitted sheets, I'm including just 4 that where never used they are solid white. The bed is on wheels and is easy to move around where needed. I've hung toys for Cami on the inside as you will see in a picture, they come down easy. So if you have hanging toys like her it gives them something to play with. The bed really came in handy when I needed to shower or just clean the house a little I would stick her in the bed and zip the sides and I new she would remain safe if she had a seizure. Cameran had most of her seizures during her sleep and would get up and roam so this bed was a tremendous help.
We are willing to ship the bed but at buyers cost not sure how much it would be but if I had to guess it would be $200-$300.

If you dont know the story behind the bed then I will give a quick update. We had this bed ordered last year for Cameran when she was having her seizures the insurance approved it and we recieved the bed shortly after. Then in early January this year we got a phone call saying they had denied the bed. We have fought and fought with the insurance but they will not budge so we have been stuck with the cost. The company whom we purchased it through gave us a discount. The beds normal cost is $5,341.00 the company gave us a discount under the above circumstances so our cost is &3,741.00
We have it for sale for $3,000.00 OR best offer. The bed is in perfect condition, it still has the tag attatched on the front.

Different views of the bed:

Underneath: I have some bedding stored underneath it, it did not come with the storage basket. The bed just sits up high enough to store stuff underneath.

The wheels:

Here you can see where it zips:

The bedskirt:

The toys that I have attatched, you can see they easily tie around. Toys not included:

In this picture you can see both paddings on each side of the bed. I've left the netting pulled up on both long ends with just the rails pulled up since shes been seizure free. When she had the seizures we kept all sides zipped and padded sides pulled up. We would lay her in the bed on the small ends then zip it up.

Bed Sheets still in packing:

Tag still attatched to the bed:

If you have anymore questions please ask away! Thank you!!!


JSmith5780 said...

Stinks that the insurance never paid for it. I would be sure to post the sale on the IS group.

Good luck,

Mommy2KC said...

You might also post on - I sold my glider/rocker on there last week. I think it might be a good place to post it, and it's free to list an item. They have a furniture category, or you might even post it in the baby/kids category. You'll probably have to pick one or the other, as I don't think they'll let you post on more than one category.