Tuesday, February 20, 2007

See my new Bed!

Camerans bed finally came in after almost 2 months of waiting! It fits perfect in her room and now Mommy can feel more at ease when getting baths or doing house work. It will be so nice to not be in such a rush all the time! You can find this bed at Pediacraft.com We where thrilled that our Insurance paid for it in full, thank the Lord!

It even came with this adorale little bedskirt, that matched perfectly in her room!

Quick update on Cameran, we tried weaning the Klonopin last week and it did not work out her seizures peaked up to 70 it was unbeleivable that she was having that many in one day! It has been a long time since we have seen that many! We had to add the pill back and things have returned back to normal 10-15 range. We gave the wean a full week and things never got better, everyday it got worse, the Neuros and us where afraid this would happen! We are soon to start the Ketogenic diet we are in the beginning fazes reading the book and looking into what we are up against. No appt set to see the Nutrionist yet but soon they are booked! In the mean time Cameran has been talking up a storm saying Mama for me and when she wants more of something, also saying Dada and Bubba! Its all too cute!


Kelly said...

That is the EXACT same bed I've been looking at for Michaela!

Let me know how it goes....I'm especially interested in how well she gets in and out of it when she's allowed to. It seems a little high...

JSmith5780 said...

The bed looks great! So glad to hear t hat adding the klonopin back worked, even though you didn't want to have to add it back!

We just upped Austin's vigabatrin on Friday. Hoping that will settle him and bring back some of his lost development.